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Mexican Corn

Never fear, gluten and dairy free flavored corn is here!  In my opinion, butter, as delicious as it tastes should be illegal.  Americans slather it on everything from pancakes to corn on the cob.  

But what if I told you I could I could tickle your tummy at your next barbecue, make you chef extraordinaire and make it as healthy as can be with my simple recipe for Mexican corn on the cob?  I think you would say, "Your hired!"  

Boil or grill your corn on the cob as you normally would.

Place your corn on the cob on a lined baking sheet or in a large flat Pyrex-type dish.

Roll a lime on your counter pushing down on it as you roll it to release the juices.  

Slice your lime in half.

Rub the entire corn with the lime, squeezing and pressing the lime into the corn as you go.

Next, gently sprinkle your corn with chili powder, salt and pepper (garlic powder is a nice touch too!) and serve.

Olè, Mexican corn is born!


Jamie Gottschall

Valentine's Day Fondue

Valentine's Day is just a little more than two weeks away. So, this morning, we're "dipping into" something a little different to help you celebrate. Lifestyle expert Jamie Gottschall is here to show us how to make a fab fondue spread that both your wallet and your special someone will enjoy this holiday.

Click on the link below to find out how you can make Valentine's Day special


There is nothing fancy here, just a good ol' can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.  What "is" fancy here though is sharing the experience of cooking with your children and teaching them the art of presentation.  

Rather than a side of soup, find a plate large enough that will fit your soup bowl in the middle and fill it up with some steamy chicken noodle soup.  Rather than placing a whole sandwich on your plate, turn it into fun finger food by slicing it into four quarters. 

How?  First slice it diagonally from corner to corner and then do the same in the opposite direction.  How can I allow my child to use a knife?  They don't have to!  With a little imagination and thinking outside the box, there is always another way.  Allow them to use a pizza cutter (even more fun!) or one of those plastic pizza slicers that looks like a half circle and can rock from side to side.  The final part of presentation is found in the garnishing.  I always keep fresh parsley and cilantro on hand for that reason.  Teach the children how color and dimension can really entice a diner to crave it even more!  What's the big deal?  There is something to be said for creative cooking.  It can make a plain looking sandwich appear far more appetizing, so when you want to serve something you know your child may reject because it does not seem appealing?  Consider how a simple slice or garnish can really stimulate the senses.  What about fresh fruits and veggies?  Add their favorites along the sides of the garnishing where the parsley is, such as fresh blueberries, sliced strawberries or just some grilled grape tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper. Good Luck and keep warm!!

Jamie Gottschall

Avo-Mango Summer Salad

I'm salivating just thinking about the mango in my salad!!  When you can accept the idea that anything goes, your salads will have your juices flowing too.  With only minutes to prepare, there should be no excuses that eating healthy is too much more

Broiled Salmon & Tomatoes

It's back to nature, with all the scare of GMO's wreaking havoc on our immune systems. Gluten and dairy free is also becoming a way of life for many concerned. This meal is one of my favorite staples and not only that, the best part?   You will benefit as far as weight loss is concerned, big time.  Gluten and dairy alone cause tremendous bloating, so the removal of it from you system will not only reduce the inflammation immediately, but shrink your waist line and your areas that collect fat by many inches, quickly.  The secret to a healthy body is to eat lean and clean.  The best part, this meal is no fuss and takes minutes to prepare and more

Run for the Roses Red Velvet Parfait

View my recipe for mini parfaits HERE
Kentucky Derby Mango Mint Juleps

Trending Now: Gluten

As a lifestyle expert, it is my job to follow trends and report on them as accurately as I can in effort to educate the masses.  It just so happens that one of the biggest lifestyle topics that is trending now, is the rising concern about gluten.  Funny thing is, I know about it all too well.  I myself have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or intolerance and spend many hours a week researching, creating gluten free recipes and blogging about more
Gorgeous, Green St. Patrick's Day Apps

Get creative this St. Patrick's Day! Watch my segment on WFMZ Channel 69 News for holiday recipes. 

Shamrock Toast Bites

Making these toast bites is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Click HERE for the recipe. 

Leaping Leprechaun Hard Boiled Eggs

Click HERE to see this gluten free original recipe

Pot O' Gold Potatoes

Coming up with fresh ideas for fun appetizers is really not that difficult when you take the time to use your imagimation.  It's all about taking something and putting your own spin on it.

I decided to gut bite sized boiled potatoes and re-stuff them with something original.This St. Patty's Day, I puréed avocados and figured out different ways to spin my creations.  The best part of all, these are inexpensive, fun conversation pieces that taste as good as they more

Gluten Free Snack Time: Hummus & Veggies

Fresh hummus is always best because you know just where it was processed, in your own factory, your kitchen.  When you get the munchies, lose the processed carbs.  Instead, reach for fresh veggies and a couple of gluten free crackers to satisfy your craving nature's way. If preparing is what makes dieting difficult, then buy the pre-made more

Salmon a la Avocado Salad

When eating gluten is no longer an option for heath reasons, it's not a death sentence. In fact, it's the opposite.  In all reality, it's a blessing.  Those of us with sensitivities and allergies are being warned ahead of time by bloating, irritable bowels, acid reflux, cramping and then the many other physical and mental symptoms that can accompany this diagnosis.  Our bodies are showing us the way back to nature.  It's time we ALL listen before it's too more

Case of the Sneaky Snacker

Are you the parent of a "sneaky snacker?"  Do you find empty snack bags below the sofa, behind the water cooler or under the bed?  Well guess what?  You are far from alone.  Today I chronicled two episodes of the sneaky snacker I have at home.  Often I find snack bags around the house and when they start to pile up and the evidence begins to mound, my little one finds a new place to stash the more

The Art of Making a Picture Perfect Platter

Several weeks ago, my husband Derek, our children and I attended our friend's, Jenny and Mike's, always fabulous “Annual St. Patty’s Day Party”. This is no ordinary party. Our friend Jenny, a “Culinary Expert,” never disappoints when it comes to “banging-out” delicious, mass quantities of seasonal delights. Like me, Jenny takes a lot of pride when it comes down to detail therefore, I was delighted when asked to bring a meat, fruit and cheese platter to the party. I received a direct message from my husband, “Jenny and Mike want YOU to make the cheese platter because they know YOU will do a good job!” So, without hesitation, I made a beeline for Fresh more

Game Day Buffalo Chicken Hummus

I'm the type of cook that has a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator, encouraging lots of experimentation. GAME DAY is always an exciting time for me to put my cooking GAME FACE on!  Two years ago, I came up with a concoction all my own.  Knowing that hummus is a popular and healthy dip on game day, I decided to put a little spin on it!  I began thinking of fun game day foods and how I could combine the ideas.  I experiment this way often to keep food ideas fresh and new. Each time I do it, it's a TOUCHDOWN! more

Jamie's "ALL IN" White Bean Chili

Everyone loves chili! Try out my recipe for my white bean chili and your guests will love the spin on a classic dish!

Click HERE for my recipe!
How to Say NO to the Holiday Munchies

The holiday season has officially begun and my health and fitness kick is going strong, until the weekend that is.  Invitations to holiday dinners, cocktail parties and cookie swaps make it nearly impossible to stick with a diet or health regimine.  I walk into the gym and cookies and cakes are welcoming me at the door. On the second floor, ginger snaps and pretzels are just waiting to escape their jars. Something is wrong with this picture... read more

Creamy Smashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an acquired taste, especially if you did not grow up on them.  They certainly were not a part of the regular mediterranean diet I grew up on so they've always seemed very foreign to me.  I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole as a child. My mother used the ugly word "yams" on Thanksgiving after cracking them from a can and baking them in the oven with brown sugar, butter and marshmallows.  The can was enough to make that 10 foot pole even longer.  It was so long that it wasn't until I was married to a Pennsylvanian with northeast european roots that I got my first taste of sweet potatoes and they were actually beyond more

Carrots & Sweet Cranberries

During this time of year, there are so many chefs pumping out so many recipes but I decided to stick to my plan and create my very own Thanksgiving side dish recipes.  How did I come up with the idea?  A well-stocked refrigerator and pantry and some good ol' more

Halloween Lunchbox Ideas That Turn Tricks Into Treats!

Creativity may be my middle name but I don't see why it can't be yours, too!  There is nothing more rewarding than imagining the priceless look on my child's face when he open his lunch box.  It takes little time to do but means so much.  My heart flutters just thinking about it.

Tin foil is bendable, shape-able and write-able!  Creating shapes are simple and magic markers work well for embellishing.  Small cookie cutters make for terrific sandwich more

Lemon Chicken On The Go


The bus rolls in, the clock is ticking, and my boys are starving!  I'm not a big fan of them filling up on snacks so I would rather have a meal on the table.  You heard me, I feed my children their supper as soon as they get home from school, or at least begin preparing a meal as they are walking in.   I'm a planner in most things but not when it comes to daily meals.  I would say I'm kind of a magician when it come to quick, off the cuff meals.  I enjoy making up my recipes as I go.  Today, I got the whining and the gurgling bellies right off the bus and I had not yet had a meal going.  I knew organic chicken was on the menu, as I defrosted it the evening before... read more 

Harvest Bruschetta & Harvest Gnocchi

Each year, I look forward to autumn, not because of the season change (I am a summer girl after all), but because of the flavors of the harvest and the colors of fall that brighten up a dish that says, "tis' the season." Most of all, my ideas for recipes really flourish, I get the bug to be inventive, and I love to share my creations.  Our friends are my best guinea pigs and their priceless expressions, the greatest reward.  

Today, we spent the morning at our school's country fair.  Despite the unusually hot weather, I sat and ate many harvest treats as the autumn leaves blew off trees in droves. It was evident that fall was here, definitely a Hallmark moment. We headed home for a short break before venturing on to our next party, an annual Harvest-fest and fundraiser.  An exciting event that features a pumpkin painting contest, a hay bale maze, apple cider press, apple bobbing, a boat towing tractor ride and more.  That short break was when my creative juices began to flow... read more

Butternut Squash Purée

Lets face it, soup is easy!  Aside from cutting up and cubing the butternut squash, the rest is a breeze.  With two small children on the go and a husband in tow, quick and effortless is the key to my well-fed family.  With that said, instead of buying an entire uncut butternut squash, I purchase mine already cubed.  You can find these freshly wrapped in the produce aisle of your grocery store.  That way the job is half done for me!  With minimal ingredients, this recipe is complete in no time and there isn't a better time than a chilly autumn day to serve it... read more 

Autumn En Croute

This morning after ushering my boys off to school, I knew it was time to open up a can of apple pie filling and get down to business.  My autumn recipe experimentation would not be complete without an apple dish of some sort.  There is nothing more soothing to the stomach on a chilly morning than a warm drink or bite to eat, as it's easy on the digestive tract.  On that note, I knew I needed to warm up my apples in a frying pan with butter and work from there.  I couldn't just make apples, they either needed something to accompany them or they needed to be contained as a filling, so I reached in my refrigerator for a household staple... read more

Pumpkin, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Dip

There is nothing like the flavor and scent of pumpkin in the heart of autumn.    Pumpkin is so easy to work with, and I have so many recipes to share.  Annually, we have such fun and exciting outings and always a dish to bring.  This is when my creative juices start to flow, and I "wing it." Based on taste, what's in my baking cabinet and knowing what combination of ingredients compliment each other, I trust my instincts and knowledge of fine flavor.  Last year, rushing to an annual Harvest Fest, I needed a quick dish but had little time to cook anything.  I picked up a pumpkin pie in desperation, and brought it home.  Sitting on the kitchen island while the pumpkin pie stared back at me,  I thought to myself, "this has the potential to make a great dip!"  

Here's how I turned a pumpkin pie into the most scrumptious dip... read more

Holy Guacamole!

Click the photo for my famous guacamole recipe!

The Art of the Picture Perfect Platter

Several weeks ago, my husband Derek, our children and I attended our friend's, Jenny and Mike's, always fabulous “Annual St. Patty’s Day Party”. This is no ordinary party. Our friend Jenny, a “Culinary Expert,” never disappoints when it comes to “banging-out” delicious, mass quantities of seasonal delights. 

Like me, Jenny takes a lot of pride when it comes down to detail therefore, I was delighted when asked to bring a meat, fruit and cheese platter to the party. I received a direct message from my husband, “Jenny and Mike want YOU to make the cheese platter because they know YOU will do a good job!” So, without hesitation, I made a beeline for Fresh Market.

As usual, I was on a mission to create something special and eye-catching. I started my venture by selecting a center piece of potted emerald colored shamrocks. Scanning the produce department, I unearthed unique, extra hardy, oversized lettuce leaves of heirloom varieties to line the round perimeter of my latest shopping find; a deep aged wooden pizza board that I purchased for this exact purpose. The first thing I knew my platter would require was eye-catching color. On that note, I stocked up on endive, baby carrots, ruby red grape tomatoes, extra large seedless purple grapes (though technically called red grapes) and one luscious looking green pear. I then proceeded to the deli counter for color coordinated cheeses. Oh and how can I leave out the specialty crackers to fill any void? I rushed home and assembled my massive platter which overflowed with appetizing delights... read more

Here's the Squeeze on Healthy Eating

I have always had quite the appetite. But since my health, wellness and overall “LIFESTYLE” make-over one year ago, I traded in my insatiable appetite for one which requires nothing more than self control. It took me only 4 days of eliminating carbohydrates, dairy and gluten from my diet (oh, and salt too) to alleviate the cravings I once possessed. I trained myself to eat clean! I knew in the back of my mind that risk would equal Reward! My new diet consisted of eating salad, chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish. As any good cook would do, I needed to get “healthfully creative.”Here’s the squeeze; Gluten is an additive in most sauces, including salad dressing, therefore I had to come up with my own. To begin I reached for a lemon and gave it a good pressing roll with the heel of my hand (this helps extract the juices from within the pith). I carefully sliced the lemon in half with a sharp paring knife (be sure to use a cutting board with a well to catch the juices and place it on top of a dish towel because if you have stone or another natural counter top, the acid in the lemon will strip away your polished finish). I then added a splash of extra virgin olive oil (first pressed, of course) and wrapped half a lemon in cheese cloth (to catch the pits) and gave it a good squeeze.

This simple dressing led to the most delicious salad I had ever eaten!

Here’s my recipe:

-Mixed organic greens of choice (I love mixing frisee’ with chopped hearts of romaine)

-Organic grape tomatoes sliced in half

-A hand full of organic craisins

-No more than 5 organic unsalted almonds

-1 hardboiled organic egg white, sliced in half (toss the yolk, too much cholesterol)

-A handful of organic blueberries

-Organic Extra virgin olive oil, to taste (go easy now!)

-½ organic lemon squeezed

-Alternate organic chicken strips, turkey or wild salmon daily

OMG!! This salad has received “Rave Reviews”

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