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Today I picked up a copy of InStyle magazine and what should my wandering eyes spy? A fashionably forward page "Add a pop of garnet"

I have always had a love affair for ruby red slippers and this season, so will you. Do you love the look of a red shoe that pops, but aren't brave enough to buy them? It takes a confident person to put that fashionable foot forward. Everyone knows me for my red hunter boots, my red fringe bag, my red driving mocs, my red glasses, but most of all my red lips, right? Why can't that be confident you? Why can't that be confident you? Why even question it, because it can be you? Two days ago I hit a sale at Jcrew and picked up red leather pointy toe ballet flats. I got an amazing deal on them. I showed up in an early fall catalog. Well I am glad I waited, because they were 25% off and by giving them my email address, they gave me an additional 10%!!!!! I walked out leaving Jcrew and myself (depending how you look at it), "In the red."

Jamie Gottschall


Transition with ease this fall in a lightweight patterned peasant blouse.
One of the most physically and mentally challenging fashion emergencies I face every season is transition.  Finding the proper ensemble that is fashionably trending now, paired with the actual temperature, is always an issue.  When it's 90 degrees the last few days of summer and the first several weeks of fall is really confusing, and typically I end up sweating to death putting fashion first.  I guess one of my old favorite adages, "beauty is pain" has been around a long time for a reason.  Take the Emmy's in LA just days ago for example.  Women and men alike were sporting fall fashions while "cooking" in over 100 degree temps.  I guess that is the difference between someone who is not concerned about always putting their best foot forward (no matter what the price) and a true glaminista.  This season though I was determined to find a happy medium.

                                                    "Glam it up" by adding a little bling. Bracelets by Lucky Brand Jeans

  I shopped early for floaty or traditional blouses with a touch of flair that I could pair with sandals and jeans.  I swore that this season and seasons going forward that I would curb my wardrobe.  I decided to turn back to the classics and I did.
Add a classic wardrobe staple to your fall collection its crisp, timeless, and effortless. Pair this with stone washed jeans and don't forget the trend of the moment and cuff them up. Blouse by Old Navy
  I just couldn't resist the strong desire to mix, match and accessorize, but I am attempting to do it more subtly than ever. 
Denim pumps by Nanolo Blahnik, Trousers by Ann Taylor Loft, and cathair and goat skin handbag by DKNY

Don't throw out that denim blouse just yet, it makes the perfect fall filler as part of  your ensemble. On a crisp day layers are not only warm, but are chic. Embellish with layered beaded necklesses and don't forget to go shopping for some fancy brooches. Brooches are the hottest thing since sliced bread. Balance and tie you look together with complementary accessories that drop from your textiles. For a final confidence booster raise your collar and break out the burgundy lipstick and nails.

Why?  Classics never fail.  You can never look at a photo and say, "why did I wear that?" And secondly, if you work with classic pieces, they are less noticeable if you "switch it up a bit," not to mention a much less crammed closet, where I can actually see what I own without feeling overwhelmed.  The best part of it all, affordability.

Classics never go out of style and there is nothing more comforting than a high quality blazer that is tapered for your body. blazer by Ralph Lauren. Brazilian equestrian boots by Matisse, army green blouse by Old Navy, suede laced up Denim Jeans by Mudd and African spring bok fur bag by Diane Gail (a staple in my wardrobe for years)

Classics don't necessarily mean spending less on pieces, but you will likely need much less to achieve stylish looks.  How?  By rotating jewelry, switching blouses under sweaters and classic jeans or trousers are timeless. 

Unconventional style is not a new style but the oldest of styles. The most fashion forward icons of the past had an artistic vision for what they wore. Above you'll find unconventional style that still has a classic feel that gives this ensemble its edgy look. Here I mixed prints from cheetah to two different plaid patterns and once again layered my look with a denim blouse and a gold beaded neckless. Yet unconventional once again, leave your shirt tails hanging out of your blouse. Shoes from DSW, vintage bag, large denim boy's blouse by Chats, jeans by
Koral, royal blue stone rings by Old Navy.

 You need less shoes too (said no woman ever!) lol.  When did I have this epiphany?  When we put our home on the market and I was told I needed to purge my closets.  My realtor said my hangers should be at least an inch apart!  I nearly fell over.  Once I accepted what I needed to do, I was like a whirlwind and there was no turning back.  I embarrassingly bagged about 30 bags of clothes and accessories.  Truthfully, I have never felt more free.  To walk in my closet and actually see each item is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  In fact, I did this with my entire house.  As beautiful as it "was," I am at peace with all of it.  Nevertheless, this is about fashion, so let's stick to it!  This fall, my wardrobe consists of several navy blue sweaters, classic blouses such as white, pinstripes, and dark gingham.  I also purchased several black items, dug up two pairs of classic jeans in my collection and tossed all of my trendy pieces including; shoes, hats, fun jewelry, varieties of scarves (from silk to wool) and purses.  I must have parted with at least 7 pairs of sneakers.  My absolute favorites in each category were kept and like I said, I feel so incredibly free.  I did pick up some patterned pieces though shopping for my reinvented self, but kept them classic like I said.  What am I getting at here?  Classic meets elegant trendy touches makes for the perfect ensemble, season after season and time after time. 

Turn a classic preppy t-shirt into the look of the moment. Take this simple Merona boating shirt and give it some stem by placing it on top of a denim chambray blouse. in order to transform simple into chic roll your denim top over the striped shirt and add a coordinating brooch. Expect the unexpected when you throw in a pair of denim jeans with leopard valet flats and a plaid clutch. choose chandelier earrings OR an arm full of gold bracelets. When it comes to Jewelry, less is always more. Boy's denim blouse by Chaps, pegged leg jeans by Koral, shoes by name unknown but any leopard shoe will do.

 Between seasons, keep your wardrobe purged and full of staple pieces.  As for the temperature trivia, don't rush the season.  Plan your ensemble accordingly, as I did this season.

Jamie Gottschall


Lehigh Valley STYLE, "Women of STYLE" feature of Jamie Gottschall, August 2015:

Thank you to the hard working women at Lehigh Valley STYLE magazine for featuring me as their centerfold in Lehigh Valley STYLE Magazine, August 2015 and to photographer Elaine Zelker for capturing a very stylish moment!!

The Photo Shoot in Action:
It is truly amazing how life works, we put our home on the market, discover our dream house is at our fingertips, our 11 year old son is performing with the American Boychoir at the Tanglewood Festival on August 8, accompanying the Boston Symphony Orchestra and now I am exiting the valley in STYLE.    When you want something badly enough, you believe in your dreams, remain true to yourself and your convictions.  Living well is not a job, but a true labor of love.  There will always be the doubters, the ones who choose to follow and then there will be you, the doer and the one who leads.  Sometimes it's marching to the beat of your own drum and because of that, you too will accomplish so much more than the others.  Keep dreaming, believing and empowering!!

With Style~

Below please find the link to the Lehigh Valley STYLE feature...

Jamie Gottschall

"Bohemian Military"

Ad courtesy of VOGUE magazine

Think you can't afford the stylish looks in Vogue magazine?  Is it something you have chalked up to an unrealistic dream only for models, the wealthy or fashion editors?  Well guess again.  High end designers such as Gucci set the trends, but don't think you can't follow suit, as the rest of the fashion free world does.  In fact, some of the most notably chic fashionistas do it, and do it on a tight budget.  It is where creativity comes into play.  It is taking what you have, mixing and matching it to make the most of it.  

Below:  My closet finds (the complete look)...

When I saw this Gucci look in Vogue, I immediately honed in on my current closet classics.  I knew I had a cropped green army jacket that was not the same as the Gucci, but was a similar idea, I bought it at a vintage junk shop.

Below: Magazine Shot (military jacket & plunging neckline)

I did not have a top with a plunging neckline for beneath the jacket like the ad shows (which by the way is the hottest trend going in case you haven't noticed, from the last few red carpets), so again I improvised and created my own.  I went through all the blouses in my closet and came across an old Ralph Lauren paisley blouse, similar to the colors within the models blouse and neckerchief.  

Below: My look (plunging blouse neckline & military jacket)

I placed it on a hanger and hung the jacket on top and opened the buttons on the blouse down to where my cleavage line begins.  
Below: Magazine look (purse & boots)

I happen to have a brown suede fringe bag a pair of faded jeans and with a lot of luck, a pair of python boots I bought in a high end consignment shop in New York's East Village.

Below: My look (boots and bag)

On that note, my look was complete.  So when you see a look you love, tear it out and bring it to your closet to see if you can get close to the look.
Good Luck!

Jamie Gottschall

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