Please Understand, I'm a Brand!

Not everyone understands why I do so much.  A few say,  "you need to pick one thing and stick with it!"  I've heard it from friends, one producer and even a book agent.  What they don't understand is that in not selling a service, I'm selling a brand and the brand is me.  The truth is, I'm really good at all that I put my heart into, it's called passion.  With passion comes determination and ultimately, the will to succeed and a successful brand to follow.  At this point, I've proved them all more

A Damsel in Distress

It was Valentine's Day in the Big Apple and I was working as a Personal Shopper/Stylist at New York's crème de la crème shopping haunt, Bergdorf Goodman.  From my private office window overlooking 59th Street and the Plaza Hotel, the city was bustling and the Plaza doorman, Stanly, was ushering in lovers a dime a dozen.  I spied romantics boarding horse and carriage rides as I peered north. On every corner, north to south and east to west, dozens of roses and bundles of mixed arrangements were being unloaded from trucks to vendors and into the hands of cupids all across New York more

Making New Year's Resolutions That Stick

What good, honest blogger would I be if I didn't share my personal New Year's Resolutions with my readers?  Let's face it, I'm out there in all I do and think it's important to be as true to my readers as I am to myself. I have many resolutions this year, both big and small.  Below is my list and I promise to continue to post my progress with more
My Father, My Reflection
My father was a creative individual with tremendous style, who mastered the art of composition.  He worked for years at Brooks Brothers & J Press in New York City as a young adult where he styled an A-list clientele.  Later, he entered the restaurant world, perfecting the art of entertaining, a master of mixology, and a connoisseur of the perfect martini. Daddy refined his culinary skills and was the quintessential host.  Quick witted comedically, debonair, and a true more
Baking, A Lost Art?
How clearly I remember my Italian grandmother Josie coming for the Christmas holidays.  This was a time that not only my mother and I enjoyed, but I know my grandmother did as well.  Grandma Josie always traveled to our house with her wooden rolling pin and wooden cutting board, which she used to roll out all her dough, whether it was pasta or cookie dough.  These were no ordinary wooden kitchen utensils in my grandmother's eyes but coveted heirlooms, in which its patina showed its tender loving care.  My grandmother, the oldest of nine children, was a master at making and rolling dough. They had a lot of mouths to more

A "TRIP" to the Eye Doctor
This summer I began blogging heavily from my iPhone, posting on Facebook, writing dozens of emails each day, creating music playlists, juggling a calendar for a family of four, writing and photographing recipes. All this on my iPhone.  With better than 20/20 nearsighted and farsighted vision and clearance in April from my eye doctor, suddenly I wasn't seeing the fine print so clearly.  My senses have always been sharp. So sharp that I could read that microscopic fine print on a Tylenol bottle without a strain.  This summer, however, I noticed my eyes were not focusing clearly.  I rubbed my eyes, blinked like crazy, used extra eye drops or simply blamed it on my chronic dry eyes but no matter what I tried, it never seemed to clear more

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