Botox: What Gives?
Unfortunately growing old gracefully is not an option for everyone, especially for those whom have chosen to prune themselves basking in the sun their entire lives, or those with genetic lighter features, that for many tend to age at a greater speed than those who are darker complected.  Botox can get "ugly" fast when the job is done incorrectly, or when a patients view of themselves is skewed. You have to select a doctor wisely, by finding the one who truly cares about preserving beauty more than lining his or her more

Baby Bangs

When I think of a baby doll haircut or baby bangs, I think of fearless fashion rebels- those who reflect and epitomize style and good taste.  My favorites; CoCo Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Wintour and Twiggy.A baby doll haircut frames ones face, elongates its features, especially the nose and chin, accentuates the eyes and brows, enhances the true contour of the lips and raises the cheekbones.  It's a daring move.  Women in general seem to hide beneath their more
Save the Day by Saving your Gray!

Is your hair so dark like mine that within a week of a salon visit, your roots start showing their true colors? It's embarrassing. You want to bury your head and you feel the desperate need to cover your gray but there is no quick, temporary solution...or is there? I'm going to share a trade beauty secret that I learned from my mother when I was a young more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

 We all have the desire to look and feel young, especially once we hit our thirties and forties.  This is the time when the physical aging process begins for many, and typically those with lighter skin and eyes.  I suppose I can call myself one of the lucky ones to possess the resilient olive skin of my Mediterranean blood.  I can only imagine how much better my skin would look today if, even despite my genetically blessed skin, I believed that I would actually age one day. I’m not complaining because I definitely look around and see other women my age and boy if I didn’t know them, I would mistake them for someone’s more

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