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Unfortunately growing old gracefully is not an option for everyone, especially for those whom have chosen to prune themselves basking in the sun their entire lives, or those with genetic lighter features, that for many tend to age at a greater speed than those who are darker complected.  Botox can get "ugly" fast when the job is done incorrectly, or when a patients view of themselves is skewed. You have to select a doctor wisely, by finding the one who truly cares about preserving beauty more than lining his or her pockets.


Botox is actually a proven preventative measure for avoiding deep expression lines from becoming too deep and too permanent.  If caught early on, and used in moderation, a persons youthfulness can be preserved without causing the deformation we see on many who walk the red carpets.  Best of all it's reversible, not permanent, so trying it out to see if it works for you should not be viewed, as a life altering decision.
Finally a job done right.  Hillary Clinton cleaned up her crumpled face with Botox injections.


Talk to people who have had it, ask them the pros and cons of having Botox.  They may tell you to stay away from certain areas to prevent certain reactions or damage it may has caused them, or someone they know in the past.  Go on-line and read testimonials from people who have used Botox.  I suggest you read the positive ones because they will be honest about what to stay away from, sharing their best kept secrets etc.  I know for a fact that these doctors will inject you right in your bottom eyelash line, a big no-no.  This can affect your vision, as well as cause the skin beneath the eyes to drop (making the skin appear thinner) and create permanent dark circles.  The key here is to be smart.  Start from TOP to BOTTOM.  As we age, everything begins to drop from the forehead down as muscles begin to lose elasticity and no longer have the ability to react, keeping our skin tight and perky.  Injecting the forehead even if you don't have wrinkles there is a trick of the trade, as it will lift both the eyes and cheeks.  Out of simple curiosity when interviewing my GP doctor about Botox, her immediate response with a big smile was,  "Everybody does it, everybody.  It's the best thing out there and even better, it's reversible."
Would you believe that this all American beauty uses Botox?

Some of the biggest and most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood have had Botox and you would never know it, along with some of you closest friends or acquaintances.  Then why can't you tell?  They chose moderation over obliteration!

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