Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making a Splash, High is the New Buy

After months of sheer determination due to a complete lifestyle change, including a 6 day per week workout routine, 3 mile daily runs and a complete change in dietary choices it was not long before bikini season would be in full effect, and I wanted nothing more than to partake in the “2 piece” festivities.

I spent months researching the up and coming “swim suit trends” and purchased the most unusual ones I could find. What I came up with were retro high-waisted bikinis. Though extremely difficult to locate due to the fact the trend was so “hot off the press,” I managed to find some basic retro suits in the JCREW catalog and ordered the same one in multiple colors.

When I finally made my make-over “arrival” at the club pool, my retro suits were very well received but the “new me” was likely out-gossiping the suits. Now that my physical changes are “old news,” and the retro suits have taken on a new level, hopefully there will be more eyes on my trend-setting suits.

This season’s search for the retro suit has been bountiful. Every designer is creating their version of the “Pony Tail Barbie” retro bikini and yet again I am ready to make a splash in mine. The cover of Glamour Magazine’s May 2011 issue is a prime example of what’s in store for summer style. Waist-lines are rising not only in bikinis but in trousers and shorts alike. Though old news for true fashionistas, if you start looking closely within the pages of the latest fashion magazines, you will discover this “rising” sensation is just that.

Though the change is likely to be received gradually, you can mark my words that “high” is the new buy!

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