Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Footwear Fashion

A “WEDGIE” that never looked or felt so good!

“Wedgies” as I call them are “creeping up” everywhere I turn. What I’m talking about is the retro-fashion footwear of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. When I was a child they were my favorite shoes next to my clogs and Treetorn tennis shoes. I remember them distinctly, wide crossed bands over the toe in a nude-tone leather with a buckle ankle strap and a coordinating suede heel.

My Mother was the Queen of the “WEDGIE” with a closet stock piled full, with ever color leather and textured heel. She wore them with her Diane Von Furstenburg poly wrap dresses and her big floppy hats and oversized earrings…sound familiar? Mom was Bohemian chic before the title even existed and I have the pictures to prove it.

The sad part…I forced Mom to throw them all away. I remember that day vividly. Mom was cleaning out her closet and actually asked me for my opinion. I called them outdated dust collectors. Mom tried to convince me they would come back in style. Although I believed her, I was sick of looking at them. I knew deep down inside I would one day regret that decision. Let’s face it; that was probably a good 20 some odd years ago.

I longed for the day those shoes would make a comeback and just as mom promised, they did. “WEDGIES” are once again sporting heels in cork, braiding, wood grains, plastic and more. The straps are getting “strappier” and taking on a new creative twist, literally. And although I shop at Neiman Marcus, Bloomies, Tory Burch etc; the truth is my best kept secret is Marshalls/Home goods. Okay, okay I confess, I left the store last week with five pairs of utterly fabulous “WEDGIES”. Shoppers’- remorse? N-E-V-E-R!!!!!!! I probably spent on five pairs what I would have spent on one at a higher end store for the exact same “in-season” shoes.
Once the rain stops which better be soon, you will find me walking tall and proud with a “WEDGIE” that never felt so good!
 stuart weitzman

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