Monday, August 17, 2015

Mexican Corn

Mexican Corn

Never fear, gluten and dairy free flavored corn is here!  In my opinion, butter, as delicious as it tastes should be illegal.  Americans slather it on everything from pancakes to corn on the cob.  

But what if I told you I could I could tickle your tummy at your next barbecue, make you chef extraordinaire and make it as healthy as can be with my simple recipe for Mexican corn on the cob?  I think you would say, "Your hired!"  

Boil or grill your corn on the cob as you normally would.

Place your corn on the cob on a lined baking sheet or in a large flat Pyrex-type dish.

Roll a lime on your counter pushing down on it as you roll it to release the juices.  

Slice your lime in half.

Rub the entire corn with the lime, squeezing and pressing the lime into the corn as you go.

Next, gently sprinkle your corn with chili powder, salt and pepper (garlic powder is a nice touch too!) and serve.

Olè, Mexican corn is born!


Jamie Gottschall