Thursday, February 27, 2014

Facebook: To "LIKE" or Not To "LIKE," That Is the Question

I have a love/hate relationship with my Facebook page.  As a public figure branding myself, Facebook is an amazing tool.  Facebook is a place where my voice is heard by hundreds of people every single day.  It drives my family, friends and loyal followers to my blog, television segments, magazine and newspaper articles each and every day.  For that, Facebook is a social media blessing.  Facebook has connected me with friends and family old and new, such as my very first friend, my very first sweetheart, my very first neighborhood gang, grammar school and high school friends alike.  Without Facebook, I'm not quite sure that my business or my personal life would be where it is today, or even my marriage for that matter.   

To the contrary, Facebook is cause for a lot of drama.  I have had grown women, who I would barely call my friends removed from my page, because of "Facebook induced fighting."   There was one in particular, that was over the mere fact that I had removed one friend from my Facebook page, over the other. That fact proved to be fiction.  I had removed them both.  What was really happening, was a third party FB friend was feeding information from my page, to one of the other girls and causing a lot of drama.  To the point of tears, I was approached by this person.  Really?  It is extremely rare that you will ever find me in a bad mood on Facebook, what can I say, I don't air my dirty laundry, for the most part, and always share what's positive in my life. It's crazy.  From cat fights to how depressed people are, profanity and political persuasions, the ins and outs and ups and downs of Facebook, is as good as a roller coaster spinning out of control.   

What I "dislike" most about Facebook more than anything,  is what I call, "sleeper cells," aka: voyeurism/peeping Tom's. They are those who sit back, surf the newsfeed, and never leave a comment, no less take the time to "LIKE" what they read.  I don't feel you need to like something you don't believe in, but if you truly are the Facebook friend you say you are, then "LIKE" it or leave it.  It's a simple courtesy. I will tell you now that I stopped "LIKING" things that are political or racy, with good reason, to avoid trouble or back lash.  Out of the hundreds of Facebook friends I have, there are probably less than a quarter who actually comment, or simply take the time to "LIKE" what I'm sharing.  I know they are reading, because I can see the stats, or someone will send me a "private" message about how much they "LIKED" my post.  Wait a minute, isn't that what the "LIKE" button is for?  I get phone calls and text messages, I saw your post and blah blah blah.  Why be on Facebook if you don't use it for the intended purpose? It's amusing, I even receive daily reports from my mother, (who by the way is NOT a Facebook friend).  She calls me about comments that I posted and every move I make, relayed by family members and friends, most which are positive feedback, but why tell her? tell me with the simple click.  

 My Facebook page is a reality show and I know I'm a guilty pleasure for many readers.  I am an entertainer by nature. I thoroughly enjoy bringing people together, by interacting through posting.  What's truly sad here is that less and less, people are having face to face or telephone conversations anymore.  It's becoming a lost are along with penmanship. 

But how can I call it quits now?  What would happen to my business, my rekindled friendships and all of the action packed drama that's par for the course?  What would people do?  I think there might be a few nervous breakdowns, if I made my exit from Facebook. 

On that note, I have decided to take  a temporary hiatus from Facebook, to see if all the time I spend trying to make others happy is truly appreciated when I return.  If not, upon my reinvented arrival, I guess I will just have to go ahead and stage my own elaborate Facebook funeral, invitation only to those who "LIKE" what they read.  LOL


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