American Boychoir (4/28/15)

Dearest Loyal Followers,

I wanted to share and online link I feel all of you may find interest in. This is a fantastic online auction, which supports a national treasure, the American Boychoir School, a boarding school where my son attends in Princeton, NJ. Currently, the school is in need of your support and I am reaching out far and wide in this time of need so that this national treasure does not become another national tragedy. The boys have performed for every seated president since Lyndon Johnson, accompanying Beyonce at the Oscars, performed with Sir Paul McCartney, Josh Groban and every major symphony in the United States, the list is endless. The boys will be performing at the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall this Thursday, April 9th-Sunday, May 12th to a usual sell out crowd. If the school is not saved financially it may very well be this world renowned chorale's final performance together. This is devastating news to the school, the arts and the music community, the families, but most of all the boys. As professional singers ranging from 4th-8th grade, a dream, a glorious gift and a compelling sound that will go silent, not just for them, but for the joy they bring to the world. We are 75% of the way to reaching our initial goal, yet have tireless work to do. Please support a God given gift, an art, a national landmark and an American dream for over 77 years.

Thank you for your time.


Please click the link below to view and support the online auction.

Click the website below to learn more about the American Boychoir School and how to donate.

Case of Sneaky Snacker

Are you the parent of a "sneaky snacker?"  Do you find empty snack bags below the sofa, behind the water cooler or under the bed?  Well guess what?  You are far from alone.  Today I chronicled two episodes of the sneaky snacker I have at home.  Often I find snack bags around the house and when they start to pile up and the evidence begins to mound, my little one finds a new place to stash the trash...
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The Backyard Beach Party Bash with a Splash

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"Kid Friendly" Super Bowl Party
My son David was born on Super Bowl Sunday so he inherited the nickname, "Super Dave."  That meant many fun "kid's style" Super Bowl parties for us. Whenever we attend a Super Bowl party, everyone's children are in tow.  How many children actually sit and watch the Super Bowl though?  Not many.  Usually, they are in a designated tv room watching a movie or playing video games, only to be called in for the highly anticipated Super Bowl half time more

Blustery Day Project: Organize the Sock Drawers!

Looking for something to do on this blustery day?  GET ORGANIZED!  No time like the present to go through your drawers, refrigerator and more.  Don't waste time in front of the television. This is the best time, to do those projects you hate taking valuable time out to do! more

Christmas Eve Traditions; Making Them Memorable

It's that time of evening when most of the adults are sprawled out after an elaborate meal on the living room furniture, as if they were in a food coma.  It's Christmas Eve and it's too early to send the children off to their beds but getting close. This is the time we usually prepare milk and cookies for Santa and leave granola and carrots for his reindeer.  It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Traditionally we read it in bed, but this year I think we will be reading it aloud, as we toast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa by the fire.  This is also the time that Gran and Daddy take turns playing the piano and we all sing along, shaking jingle bells to Christmas carols.  This year, the boys can add to the repertoire, as they have been working hard for several years with piano lessons. Usually, the Wizard of OZ is on the tube in the background and the night seems without end.  We open wrapped gifts for hours, tell stories of Christmas' past, and jokes until it hurts to smile.  The wine is poured freely and the homemade eggnog is more  

Gingerbread Houses 101

Each year my mother, my boys and I participate in a gingerbread decorating party.  The supplies are pretty basic so I hit the stores in advance and bring my own.  Before I set out, I try to come up with a plan first so shopping for my house is quick and effortless.  I always seem to imagine the type of house that you would find in the Swiss Alps, the Arctic, or someplace like Vermont.  I am pretty imaginative, so it's easy to come up with a plan in my head.  For others, seeking inspiration somewhere else is their only option, or so they have convinced themselves.  My suggestion for those who need some inspiring is to visit a website such as Pinterest or simply google, "photos of gingerbread houses."  There are also books out there on just about everything, including gingerbread houses or holiday baking books.  Another idea is to sketch out your house on paper first.  Many people get creative once there is a pen in hand and paper in front of them.  It's nice to have because you can take it with you to the store to find just the right elements and have it right at the table when you begin construction of your winter more

Children's Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is such an exciting time for all in the Gottschall household but most fun, of course, for the children.  I really enjoy creating a private table for the young cousins, making it personal, whimsical and fantastical all at the same time.  Getting children to "stay put" at the supper table is not always an easy task, especially when there is such energy in the air.  Cousins are excited to see one another, gifts are rolling in from grandparents and the sights, smells and sounds of the holidays have the children all a buzz.  A table set to stimulate the minds of the children is more

When Homework and School Start to Resemble a Double Shift

It's only six weeks into school and the first marking period is nearing its end.  Finally, an after school routine has been established, dropping the bags and jackets onto the floor and ripping off the socks and shoes in a race for a snack before school starts all over again.  I immediately stop my boys in their tracks before they head towards the "TV room."

This year, I split my boys up.  For years they attended the most reputable private school in town but this year, only one stayed.  We gave our younger son a try at our local public school, one of the best public school districts in the Lehigh Valley and, quite frankly, we couldn't be happier.  No hard feelings towards the private school but whatever happened to having a stress-free childhood? more

Trick or Treat After Party

There's no doubt my best Halloween high comes from being a people pleaser and not the Halloween candy.  Sharing my creativity with others brings me such joy and a feeling of accomplishment.  I know I was put on this earth to inspire, please and nurture.  I get so much out of fulfilling those gifts, and when I put my head on my pillow at night, I know I did my job, therefore I can rest easy.

On that note, with only a week or so of planning, I put together an easy, yet fun gathering for my sons friends and their parents for Halloween.  I knew when the boys would return from trick or treating on a crisp night, that a welcoming warm fire burning, some hot chocolate steaming, a comforting pot of chili simmering and some sweets and treats would no doubt, hit the sweet spot!  I began to set up shop, pulling out all shapes and sizes of covered, clear glass jars to house every size and shape marshmallows for roasting and hot cocoa, and tying simple orange ribbon around the lid more 

Halloween Lunch Box Ideas 

Creativity may be my middle name but I don't see why it can't be yours, too!  There is nothing more rewarding than imagining the priceless look on my child's face when he open his lunch box.  It takes little time to do but means so much.  My heart flutters just thinking about more

BOOtiful Trick or Treat Basket

It's almost Halloween and your scrambling for a fabulous costume, right?  Once your costume is finally in place, panic sets in at the last moment.  You realize you don't have a special or unique trick or treat bag or bucket.  But what's out there?  Plastic pumpkin buckets that have cheap handles that break and everyone and their brother has carried for generations or those unimaginative plastic bags.  How about instead a basket that is so beautiful, you can pass it down for generations to come?  Sounds like a great idea to me!  Don't fret because I am going to show you how to have "THE BEST" Halloween accessory this year, one that everyone will be talking about, a conversation piece, and you(or your child) will be the talk of the more

4th of July Party

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Hostess with the Mostess

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London Calling

With the London Summer Olympics beginning tonight, there has been a Union Jack retail surge of merchandise from home décor and novelties, right on down to bloody skivvies in Olympic proportions.

I have been an anglophile for as long as I can remember; following the Royal Family and their traditional tastes and lifestyle.  A couple of years ago I decorated my boys’, David & James’ (both names of former kings, might I add), bedroom and bathroom with a theme I called “All American Boy,” but as time went on I realized I was building a real mix of American & English décor and accessories.  From plaid wall covering with sporadic photos of English hunting dogs, riders and velvet riding caps to Union Jack pillows and bath more

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