Sunday, December 1, 2013

Children's Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is such an exciting time for all in the Gottschall household but most fun, of course, for the children.  I really enjoy creating a private table for the young cousins, making it personal, whimsical and fantastical all at the same time.  Getting children to "stay put" at the supper table is not always an easy task, especially when there is such energy in the air.  Cousins are excited to see one another, gifts are rolling in from grandparents and the sights, smells and sounds of the holidays have the children all a buzz.  A table set to stimulate the minds of the children is imperative.

Here I use layering, just as I do for the adult table.  I layer placemats, chargers and dishes in candy cane colors.  My inspiration is always simple, as I never seem to struggle to find holiday dinnerware for children in my local grocery store.
The Peanuts gang was a hit last year at our kids' table.  Here, I also placed fortune telling sticks, and cards that ask questions beneath each plate.  


The most fun part was the stick-on mustaches I placed at each setting.  Everyone in the house had them on and the evening roared with laughter.  

Each child had a bell to ring as their dish topper, candy cane striped glasses and paper straws, along with red wrapped party crackers that were used as place markers for each child.  With a permanent Sharpie marker, I wrote each child's name on the crackers.  The centerpiece was an old red berry wreath with a giant candle in the middle, which was propped up on a small, low miniature footed cake stand (I spray painted it gold).  I decorated it with a glittery red fishnet bow and a gold glittery reindeer ornament, which I purchased at the dollar store.  I surrounded the candle with large gold glittery ball ornaments.  No detail was left undone and for the children it was magical.


Good Luck!

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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