Friday, July 27, 2012

London Calling

With the London Summer Olympics beginning tonight, there has been a Union Jack retail surge of merchandise from home décor and novelties, right on down to bloody skivvies in Olympic proportions.

I have been an anglophile for as long as I can remember; following the Royal Family and their traditional tastes and lifestyle.  A couple of years ago I decorated my boys’, David & James’ (both names of former kings, might I add), bedroom and bathroom with a theme I called “All American Boy,” but as time went on I realized I was building a real mix of American & English décor and accessories.  From plaid wall covering with sporadic photos of English hunting dogs, riders and velvet riding caps to Union Jack pillows and bath mats.

It feels great to be ahead of the trends and it’s not really hard to do.  If you know what you like, then decorate in that style but at the same time, as you walk around stores, don’t turn your nose up to the new styles you see.  That’s a tell tale sign that there’s more to come.  Don’t hesitate to pass it up, but make sure you have a look at it one last time; I guarantee it will have grown on you. If it’s simple, such as a pillow, take it home, toss it on the sofa, keep calm and carry on, let it speak for itself.

So, I think I will watch the opening ceremonies tonight in a royal manner, in my boys’ room, with a nice cup of warm tea and some English trifle as we wave our American flags.

Until then, pip pip and cheerio,

Jamie Gottschall

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