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It's not rocket science, the secret to skinny is dropping gluten and dairy.  The biggest things to drop:
-baked goods

That alone would change your weight significantly.  "shop the walls, not the halls of the grocery store."  I've said it once, I'll say it again, listen to your body.  If what you are eating is not helping you lose enough weight nor making you feel any healthier, DON'T EAT IT, for goodness sakes your body is talking to you.  Listen to your it!!!  It's something that takes will power and a complete lifestyle change.  I'm tired of hearing, "but I do so much cardio and work out and get little results,"  "It's my body type," "but that's not enough food," and the best one yet, "I have plateaued!"  It's not your exercise your fighting, it's what you are putting in your mouth.  Eat straight from nature starting with organic foods.  If affordability is an issue, then just make sure your chicken, eggs and milk are organic, it's imperative.  Those three items are loaded with unnatural hormones.  Eat fresh lean fish,  chicken, turkey, plain tuna fish, salads, grilled veggies and fresh fruits and nuts (in real moderation).  You will not get osteoporoses by not eating dairy.  There are plenty of veggies that are loaded with calcium, do your homework.  

The answers are at our finger tips, just google it!
Juicing is another sore spot with me.  In this country, we take fads to the extreme.  Such as the "juicing" bandwagon.  People are juicing excessively, not in moderation.  Juicing machines is the business to be in right now, because they are flying off the shelves.  They have made juicing their three meals a day.  I had cautiously alerted a friend that there is a lot of sugar in fruit and that she should be weary about the amount of fruit she was using in her new juicing lifestyle.  To me, I innately knew that this type of juicing could cause blood sugar spikes, I don't know, to me it's common sense.  Then she told me of her kale juicing and I questioned, "isn't kale binding?"  She was annoyed. 
Yeah, I know I can sound like a know-it-all and maybe stomp out her excitement, I meant no harm and it shouldn't be taken that way.  I am extremely intuitive and in touch with my body, Im a thinker.  I have also proven to be quite the success story considering my lack of formal education. My friend a couple of months later whom failed to remember my concerns for her excessive behavior, turned to me and said, you won't believe it, my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic.  He said it was caused by my juicing, I was consuming too much sugar!  And I told him how constipated I had become despite all of the fiber I was ingesting and after evaluating my diet, he said it was the kale, it's hard to digest!  My friend honestly didn't even remember my warnings, in fact, she completely disregarded them, it was obvious.  She never said, you were right.  I wasn't looking for praise, but maybe some acknowledgement for knowing a thing or two about the body, or simply that she even heard what I was telling her two months ago.  There is a lack of respect some people show intuitive people.  How could she possibly
Know more than me when she doesn't even have a degree?  What people don't seem to realize though is that not all intelligent people are walking around with a diploma in their hand.  No one knows my situation, how I was raised or how I learn and more importantly, the best school anyone can graduate from in my opinion is the school in which I attended, the school of hard knocks.  It's the school that teaches survival skills in the real world, the school that teaches you to trust and rely on your instincts, to be resourceful and more responsible at a younger age.  It's the school that forces you to face the real world, prepared or not.  I am the type that college would have never been enough for me, just not challenging in the way my mind operates.  I don't think like the average Joe.  Not every bright person is stimulated the same way and when I know something, it's not just here say, I have researched it, experienced it, observed it and analyzed it to death. It's a gift from God and one I would not change for anything, so you can decide if you value my opinion or not, all I can do is continue to be me and inform you the best I can.

Balanced to the Core
Have you ever heard of a bosu?  Probably not, if you are not a gym buff. Nor did I until I began core and posture training with a diehard fitness educator with an undergrad degree in biology along with a masters degree in exercise physiology.  I mention those things because I think there is a lot to be said for a trainer with a mind for the "science of the body."  There's an understanding that expands beyond the norm of just moving weights.  The body moves naturally through a chain of commands, one muscle firing up to signal the next, its an incredible systematic more

Getting a "Leg Up" On Your Fitness Routine


Ok, let's cut to the chase; I am told quite often that I have "great gams."  From the butcher at my local gourmet grocer to people in the gym to random messages from blog and Facebook friends.  Genetics obviously play a major role here but dedication to my fitness routine has definitely toned my legs.  A healthy low-fat low-processed carb diet is MOST important.  I was asked by several followers to write a blog about my best kept fitness secrets, from the leg up!  Part one of this blog will cover the essentials of exercise and a demonstration of my STRETCHING more

Gluten and Dairy, Time to Be Wary!

People wonder why they are overweight and can't shed the pounds; wake up people!!!!! Stop eating processed foods!!!! Cut out the gluten & dairy!!!!! Get motivated! We live in a world of microwave meals that promote laziness!!!! Yogurt with sweeteners: NOT GOOD, milk and some dairy products: LOADED with more

Understanding Fit & Fat

If you aspire to be fit and trim, it is important that you realize the bottom line: it's what you put in your mouth. In my opinion, that means avoiding gluten and dairy completely and not consuming processed carbs or GMOs!   I know from first-hand experience.  I myself went on a gluten and dairy free diet and began running and working out. Why no gluten or dairy?  Because all of the nutrients and fiber are stripped from whole plants, which are high in carbohydrates, leaving us with only the sugar, starch, and whatever chemical additives that are used to replace them.  The result of this process is that carbohydrates now can easily be broken down and easily more

Botox: What Gives?

Talk to people who have had it, ask them the pros and cons of having Botox.  They may tell you to stay away from certain areas to prevent certain reactions or damage it may has caused them, or someone they know in the past.  Go on-line and read testimonials from people who have used Botox.  I suggest you read the positive ones because they will be honest about what to stay away from, sharing their best kept secrets etc.  I know for a fact that these doctors will inject you right in your bottom eyelash line, a big more

Battle of the Bulge

Why are you not losing weight when we diet?  You probably have not removed gluten & dairy from your diet along with "processed" carbs.  These are carbohydrates that come from the unnatural processing of food, where all nutrients are stripped and left only with sugars.  Yuck!  So again, why are we not losing weight when we diet?  It's a must that you remove gluten and dairy, pasta, rice, potatoes, all sauces and unnatural bottled dressings and condiments.  Don't replace them with low fat or gluten free labeled more

State of Emergency Essentials

We should have all learned our lesson on the east coast by now when it comes to surviving a winter storm.  Although not all of us can afford a generator, there are plenty of things you can afford to ride out the storm.  Assuming you have shelter, warm clothing and more
Cardio for Great Gams

One of my best kept fitness secrets for strong, toned legs is jumping rope.  Not an easy task for many but remember, risk equals reward.  I started out like you, tripping over the rope after 5 or 10 rotations or getting my foot caught.  But the will to succeed is what kept me on my toes... literally.  I'm going to save you some of the stress of working through perfecting the rotation and avoiding injury.  First let me explain the truth about jumping rope. It's not just for "great gams" but is an ALL OVER TOTAL BODY WORKOUT when executed properly.  Jumping rope has significantly improved my cardiovascular system.  It has upped my tennis game, making quick lateral movement a breeze, conditioned me to have more speed as a runner and more underwater endurance as a swimmer, to name just a few. Jumping rope is considered aerobic conditioning that strengthens both your heart and more

Foam Rolling; Body Aches and Overall Wellness

Are you an athlete who pushes yourself just a little too far? Or maybe you're a stay at home mom that stands on the hardwood floors all day, going up and down the steps.  Are you simply so stressed out that every muscle or joint in your body aches?  Are you like many sufferers who are unsure what is causing your discomfort?  I bet those of you whom have consulted your doctors all went home with the same fibromyalgia diagnosis. It's the new diagnosis for everything these days.  It's the diagnosis that is replacing depression and coincidentally they treat it with the same drugs.  It's likely that the food you are eating, such as public enemy #1, gluten, is playing a role and you don't know it. It's a story I've told many times.  Nonetheless, I can share with you the greatest relief that I have found, a foam more


Hmmm... I never saw a connection until now as I sit down to write, the word "fast" within the word breakfast.  Think of all of the hours you have fasted while sleeping.  Your first meal of the day is breaking that fasting period.  After years of listening to the signs and signals of my body, I have found it a relief to continue the fasting period until lunch time.  You are not as hungry in the morning as you think and the bonus: you actually burn calories faster.  You just need to get past that threshold of thinking that you are famished.  I actually drink a lot of water before I go to bed at night and again in the morning with the purpose of aiding in flushing out the toxins that are stagnant in my body at night. I make a final water push in the morning so my digestive tract empties early, is relieved of any inflammation, and I can exercise or participate in sport without any intestinal discomfort.  It's become a way of life for me.  I continue to drink a lot of water all morning and throughout the rest of the day to keep this continuous flow throughout my more

A "Trip" to the Eye Doctor

This summer I began blogging heavily from my iPhone, posting on Facebook, writing dozens of emails each day, creating music playlists, juggling a calendar for a family of four, writing and photographing recipes. All this on my iPhone.  With better than 20/20 nearsighted and farsighted vision and clearance in April from my eye doctor, suddenly I wasn't seeing the fine print so clearly.  My senses have always been sharp. So sharp that I could read that microscopic fine print on a Tylenol bottle without a strain.  This summer, however, I noticed my eyes were not focusing clearly.  I rubbed my eyes, blinked like crazy, used extra eye drops or simply blamed it on my chronic dry eyes but no matter what I tried, it never seemed to clear up.  I refused to believe my 43 year old better than perfect vision was no longer so perfect.  I truly believed that I would never need more 

Jamie's New Year's Resolutions

What good, honest blogger would I be if I didn't share my personal New Year's Resolutions with my readers?  Let's face it, I'm out there in all I do and think it's important to be as true to my readers as I am to myself. I have many resolutions this year, both big and small.  Below is my list and I promise to continue to post my progress with more

Official Runner

I can remember the day I started running.  I was just three months shy of my 40th birthday. My goal was to become 40 and fabulous. I pulled out the motivation to get going and began running.  I ran daily, sometimes twice a day (it became addicting as the pounds fell off quickly) but it was not an easy task.  I could feel every ache and pain, every drop of sweat navigating through my scalp, every insect that invaded my space and every speck of dust that entered my shoes.  Hypersensitive?  You betcha! A 2 1/2 year mental battle.  It wasn't just the run, it was everything associated with the run.  The conditions, the discomfort, the time, and the pace, constantly thinking, "when is it going to end?" more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
 We all have the desire to look and feel young, especially once we hit our thirties and forties.  This is the time when the physical aging process begins for many, and typically those with lighter skin and eyes.  I suppose I can call myself one of the lucky ones to possess the resilient olive skin of my Mediterranean blood.  I can only imagine how much better my skin would look today if, even despite my genetically blessed skin, I believed that I would actually age one day. I’m not complaining because I definitely look around and see other women my age and boy if I didn’t know them, I would mistake them for someone’s Grandmother. more
Back and Hip Tips

 In my late twenties, I was a fashionista to say the least-a!  Prior to my employment with Bergdorf Goodman, I was a "Ready-To-Wear"' expert and a Personal Shopper in training  for the new Louis Vuitton store, which was getting ready  to open a few block North of where I worked on 5th Avenue.  I commuted daily from New Jersey via subway and via 3" heels.  For me, putting on my tennis shoes for the commute was unheard of.  Sub consciously, I didn't want to join the ranks of the commuting fashionably challenged that wore them.  So engrained in my mind were my mothers famous last words, "beauty is pain."  Well she wasn't kidding!  Schlepping out of my apartment building each morning, speed walking lengthy uneven sidewalks, literally on my tippy toes, and racing through the subway, while scaling stairs and escalators, faster than they could move.  But it wasn't without a heavy load that I toted on my left side (I carried everything but the kitchen sink) each morning, that launched a lifetime of lower back more

Patience IS a Virtue

When faced with a goal or challenge I would say I take it VERY seriously. With a “Type A” personality, nothing will stop me until it’s complete and done properly, by that I mean not 100% but 150%. I will give it my all even if it kills me. One year ago I was 15 lbs. heavier than I am today, and medically speaking a “Doctor’s Dream” with a bad lower back and a myriad of other health issues. An audition for a cable network show rocked my world when the realization came that I was a close more 

Acupuncture in New York City

As a mother of a HSC, Highly Sensitive Child, my 9 year old son David feels aches and pains more frequently and more intensely than the average child.  Sound like a burden?  Not so fast!  He has been blessed with heightened senses.  How do I know?  I am an HSP myself.  As a child, I complained of aches and pains often, as my sense of "feel" are pretty extreme.  My hearing, like that of a rabbit, my senses of smell and taste so heightened, I could name all the ingredients in and all that I smell and taste.  My eyes, better than 20/20, I could read fine print a mile away and my intuition off the charts.  I gave birth to my physical clone, as I recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of this trait.  My brother Rob, a Master of Science of traditional Chinese medicine, had mentioned treating my 9 year old son with acupuncture, and I just could not bring myself to try it, never mind my adolescent son.  The fear of the unknown can be debilitating and I could just not commit... read more

Fit For Philanthropy

To underestimate oneself and think you cannot be a productive citizen, run a household, have a career, a secure marriage, and be fit and healthy at the same time is the farthest thing from the truth. If you feel contrary to this belief, you are selling yourself short.  If you have a vision and a clear goal, then the answer is simple; believe in yourself and the power of the human mind and no boundaries will stand in your way.  I have overcome many challenges; rumors, family deaths, performance anxieties, health & social issues to name just a few. But it is those experiences that make me the vigilant, focused, yet confident woman I am today.  They are mountains I have climbed and storms I have braved, tests from up above that I have achieved.  If I succumb to ridicule and allow those to stand in my way of success, I would say I’ve accomplished nothing and would likely be a basket case.  I have strong beliefs but a very warm heart.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help anybody.  I’m not perfect but I believe in myself.  I take the gifts that God has granted me and use them as a source of strength and for the reasons they were designed for more

Patience IS a Virtue

When faced with a goal or challenge, I would say I take it VERY seriously. With a "Type A" personality, nothing will stop me until it’s complete and done properly, by that I mean not 100% but 150%. I will give it my all even if it kills me. One year ago I was 15 lbs. heavier than I am today, and medically speaking a “Doctor’s Dream” with a bad lower back and a myriad of other health issues. An audition for a cable network show rocked my world when the realization came that I was a close contender. On that note, Type A stood for “Awakening!” Jumping out of bed the next morning, I literally “ran” to the gym to hire their Posture and Core Expert. It was there that I was evaluated and told I had poor posture and until that was corrected my physical ailments and body would continue to suffer. My trainer was right, though I fought him tooth and nail over it. I was determined and eager to pursue the “Bolesta Method” more

Sjogren's Syndrome

One year ago I was unhealthy and for 6 ½ years leading up to that point had suffered terribly from a multitude of undiagnosed illnesses…I was a “Doctors Dream.” Unfortunately for them, a persistent one.  Doctor after Doctor attempted to convince me there was nothing wrong with me, that I “just had anxiety” and a quick fix of an antidepressant should cure whatever it was that ailed me.  Instinctually I knew they were wrong, I held my ground, rebutted and refused the insensitive offer of drugs that would only pacify me and later exacerbate the problems. I knew better and if it killed me trying I was on a mission to “solve my own case” and prove the doctors more


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