Saturday, February 22, 2014


Why are you not losing weight when we diet?  You probably have not removed gluten & dairy from your diet along with "processed" carbs.  These are carbohydrates that come from the unnatural processing of food, where all nutrients are stripped and left only with sugars.  Yuck!  So again, why are we not losing weight when we diet?  It's a must that you remove gluten and dairy, pasta, rice, potatoes, all sauces and unnatural bottled dressings and condiments.  Don't replace them with low fat or gluten free labeled foods.  You simply can't eat them if you want to look and feel like "a vision of good health."  Why?  Sugar, sugar and more sugar is added to replace the lack of flavor in gluten free foods.  Fattening! Turn back to nature, in moderation and own the fit and trim body your were born with baby!

In Good Health,

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