Sunday, January 25, 2015


It's not rocket science, the secret to skinny is dropping gluten and dairy.  The biggest things to drop:
-baked goods

That alone would change your weight significantly.  "shop the walls, not the halls of the grocery store."  I've said it once, I'll say it again, listen to your body.  If what you are eating is not helping you lose enough weight nor making you feel any healthier, DON'T EAT IT, for goodness sakes your body is talking to you.  Listen to your it!!!  It's something that takes will power and a complete lifestyle change.  I'm tired of hearing, "but I do so much cardio and work out and get little results,"  "It's my body type," "but that's not enough food," and the best one yet, "I have plateaued!"  It's not your exercise your fighting, it's what you are putting in your mouth.  Eat straight from nature starting with organic foods.  If affordability is an issue, then just make sure your chicken, eggs and milk are organic, it's imperative.  Those three items are loaded with unnatural hormones.  Eat fresh lean fish,  chicken, turkey, plain tuna fish, salads, grilled veggies and fresh fruits and nuts (in real moderation).  You will not get osteoporoses by not eating dairy.  There are plenty of veggies that are loaded with calcium, do your homework.  

The answers are at our finger tips, just google it!
Juicing is another sore spot with me.  In this country, we take fads to the extreme.  Such as the "juicing" bandwagon.  People are juicing excessively, not in moderation.  Juicing machines is the business to be in right now, because they are flying off the shelves.  They have made juicing their three meals a day.  I had cautiously alerted a friend that there is a lot of sugar in fruit and that she should be weary about the amount of fruit she was using in her new juicing lifestyle.  To me, I innately knew that this type of juicing could cause blood sugar spikes, I don't know, to me it's common sense.  Then she told me of her kale juicing and I questioned, "isn't kale binding?"  She was annoyed. 
Yeah, I know I can sound like a know-it-all and maybe stomp out her excitement, I meant no harm and it shouldn't be taken that way.  I am extremely intuitive and in touch with my body, Im a thinker.  I have also proven to be quite the success story considering my lack of formal education. My friend a couple of months later whom failed to remember my concerns for her excessive behavior, turned to me and said, you won't believe it, my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic.  He said it was caused by my juicing, I was consuming too much sugar!  And I told him how constipated I had become despite all of the fiber I was ingesting and after evaluating my diet, he said it was the kale, it's hard to digest!  My friend honestly didn't even remember my warnings, in fact, she completely disregarded them, it was obvious.  She never said, you were right.  I wasn't looking for praise, but maybe some acknowledgement for knowing a thing or two about the body, or simply that she even heard what I was telling her two months ago.  There is a lack of respect some people show intuitive people.  How could she possibly
Know more than me when she doesn't even have a degree?  What people don't seem to realize though is that not all intelligent people are walking around with a diploma in their hand.  No one knows my situation, how I was raised or how I learn and more importantly, the best school anyone can graduate from in my opinion is the school in which I attended, the school of hard knocks.  It's the school that teaches survival skills in the real world, the school that teaches you to trust and rely on your instincts, to be resourceful and more responsible at a younger age.  It's the school that forces you to face the real world, prepared or not.  I am the type that college would have never been enough for me, just not challenging in the way my mind operates.  I don't think like the average Joe.  Not every bright person is stimulated the same way and when I know something, it's not just here say, I have researched it, experienced it, observed it and analyzed it to death. It's a gift from God and one I would not change for anything, so you can decide if you value my opinion or not, all I can do is continue to be me and inform you the best I can.

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