It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Jamie. I worked closely with Jamie for three years at the Louis Vuitton flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York as the Ready to Wear Manager. Jamie possesses a rare blend of strong organizational skills, work ethic, and interpersonal ability. 
 I was struck by Jamie's commitment to her work, colleagues, and clients. Not only was she able to effectively meet her client's expectations, she surpassed them. Jamie is extremely diligent, hardworking, and knowledgeable. I knew that I can always rely on her to go the extra mile and do the impossible. She was motivated to remain up to date on the newest trends. She is flexible and creative in her approach to handling problems and making decisions. She thinks on her feet and handles even the most stressful situations with composure and confidence. This quality makes her an asset to any company. Jamie was greatly missed when she left New York City to move to Pennsylvania. I was extremely happy when I found out about Jamie's blog which is a true testament of her ability to share her talents and creative skills with others. -Teresa Reyes  (Reed Krakoff, Store Manager 2010- 2012 LVMH Louis Vuitton, Leather goods and Ready to Wear Manager 2001- 2010 Giorgio Armani, Boutique Manager 1999- 2001)

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie Gottschall on a cover story for a magazine I manage and edit - Upper Saucon Township and Center Valley Life. I work with a  lot of contributors but I never had someone go to the lengths that Jamie did to produce a spread worthy of any nationally syndicated publication. She lined up a professional photographer to shoot the cover picture and inside pictures and designed a Valentine's Day scene with chocolate fondue and whimsical decorations. She was able to use her connections at local retail outlets and restaurants to secure clothes and Valentine's Day props to create a polished, stylish and fun finished product. Her story was well written, especially her recollections of a Valentine's Day in New York City that read like an episode from HBO's Sex and the City. Her eye for detail, fashion sense and ability to inspire     (with new ideas and frugal suggestions) is very keen, indeed! I look forward to being able to share Jamie's ideas and style with my readers in the future! -Jennifer Rodgers (Lehigh Valley Region-Lower Macungie Life-Emmaus Life-Upper Saucon & Center Valley Life- Forks Township Life-Hanover Township Life-Pleasant Valley Life-Hazelton Life)

As a professional portrait and commercial photographer I have worked with families, students, brides, models, athletes, executives and rockstars on a regular basis over the past 20 years. Great styling is an art and an imperative facet of making good photography great. One thing you really come to appreciate is the right styling of the faces and stories you portray with each job. Working with Jamie, that portion of the equation is unquestioned. Jamie brings her impeccable style to the shoot so I can focus on technical aspects of the work knowing the creative and aesthetic components are done with excellence incorporating flair and beauty. When Jamie calls to have me photograph her work, I know the job will look beautiful. I trust her styling and taste and know the imagery we create together will stimulate the senses and stay in the viewer's mind. Thanks to Jamie for making my job a litlte easier and for ensuring work that will please and entice clients. -Kellie Hoeke, Sweet Pea Studios

Dear Jamie,

A few months ago (Feb. 2014) while I was reading the NYT my husband pointed out there was an article he thought I'd really enjoy in the Express Times, Bridal Gown Vocab 101 by Jamie Gottschall, Indomitable Style. It turns out it was your debut as "STYLE" Columnist.  I did recognize your name from Facebook and had 'liked' your page early on and appreciated your blog.    My husband was right... I really enjoyed the article and it sparked an idea!  As you know, you received a complimentary letter immediately as I am a big believer in giving positive feedback.  Additionally, I liked your Style and wanted to be a potential resource for any future Communications you would share.    Your immediate response and expression of appreciation was refreshing.

Twice a year I conduct a class for the Northampton Community College.. "The Business of Weddings and Social Events" which I am happy to say is part of the Certificate in Meeting & Event Planning at cbi (center for business & industry), part of the Hospitality & Tourism programs.  The Business of Weddings and Social Events is from an entrepreneurial perspective and is actual work-life application.  Typically I include a panel discussion or invite an industry related associate to share their stories.  The "spark" from your article was to invite you to share your experiences and specifically speak to the how-tos for successful blogging.  Well, the rest as they say is history.   You came, they saw and we all were better for having the opportunity to meet and speak with you.
Thank you Jamie for generously giving of your time and sharing personal goals and dreams.    Without question, you have new followers I am certain.

With gratitude,

Catherine Gretta
LUXE, The Wedding Event

Nothing is ever boring with Jamie Gottschall. She transforms our sets with every visit and her creativity leads to very unique ideas on everything from fashion to food, parties, and more!- Eve Tannery, WFMZ Channel 69 News

Jamie has a natural eye for beauty, style and design. I've been to many of her parties -- showers, holiday gatherings, dinners -- and she always pulls out all the stops. There's always a theme, executed perfectly and seemingly effortlessly. But Jamie is an incredibly hard worker, adding to her innate sense of imagination and flair. To top it all off, she is the consummate host -- gracious and welcoming and making guests feel at ease. Though the setting may feel as if you're at the Ritz, the feeling is that you're at home. This all translates, naturally, into her fabulous blog -- bringing that sense of fashion and house fabulousness to a much larger audience. I've stolen many of Jamie's ideas and have been complimented again and again and again. Like the Tiffany boxes that she sometimes incorporates into her designs, Jamie has a true treasure hidden inside. Surface sparkle matched with a heart of gold. -Helene Stapinski, author/journalist

Get your daily dose of pretty! Jamie Gottschall's blog is like reading a modern Martha column. She not only shows you how, but who, where and why. Jamie is willing to share her sources to the trade and that's a rarity!  Look to Jamie  for seasonal suggestions and placement. She will  also show you how to dress and style  yourself for all your life style events. You'll be happy you started to follow her.  I am a stylist and I do!
--David McCormack, Owner, American Hairlines & Fellow Lifestyle Expert

I have been a follower of Jamie Gottschall's blog from its inception & have always found it to be fun filled with abundant information for any occasion. Whether Jamie's writing about health, beauty, fashion, or decorating, this blog is a "Go To" for me. She inspires me to do more, be more, so that I can give more! -Mary Blum, Independent Consultant with Arbonne

You must check out Jamie Gotshall's Blog!  Fun ideas, fabulous photos of amazing events!  So creative, wonderful food, she is an incredible talent, don't miss her remarkable insights! --EAM, loyal follower!

I am a new follower of Jamie Gottschall IndomitableStyle. This blog is filled with current fashion, entertaining, fitness, crafts and so much more. Jamie has an engaging writing style that pulls you in and provides you with a host of reminders, tips, ideas, and how-tos. Her interests abound, her energy seems endless and her attention to detail is inspiring.  Any reader will always come away with a tidbit of ‘I can do that’ or ‘what a great idea’, or I ‘will’ …  Keep up the good work Jamie! “Feel good, be good, and do good” --Mary Smickle

Searching  for a little extra style and sophistication?  Then you have come to the right place!  I have been following Jamie Gottschall's blog for several months and I must say that Jamie Gottschall is much more than the girl next door!  Jamie's  blog is chock full of original and creative ideas for home decorating, fashion, cooking and fitness.   There is something for everyone regardless of your level of creativity or your budget!    Jamie's incredible sense of style enables her  to design on a dime while making the finished product look like a million bucks! Her projects, ideas and recipes are easy to follow, as they produce a beautifully finished product.  She also has a way of inspiring readers to bring out their own unique sense of style!  As a personal trainer, life coach and fellow multi-tasker,  it is always encouraging to see a positive, and healthy woman who can strike a balance in this hectic world that we live in, while sharing her knowledge with others. Thank you Miss Jamie for bringing your urban chic and design expertise  to your friends in the Lehigh Valley.   I am looking forward to your next post and wish you much success! --Stephanie Budick

Jamie's attention to detail is incredible.  Whether it's a recipe, a household hint or a design suggestion, you get the full picture.  Her ideas inspire and her instructions simplify. --Louis Cinquino, Author, The Mulligan Mile

Jamie Gottschall is not only the most dedicated woman I know, but she has a distinct eye for fashion and design.  She has a mind that literally never stops searching for the perfect accessory.  Jamie truly has such a unique eye for the small details in decorating and styling, that help to make her blog such an inspiration and her projects come together so well. Any woman looking to put together the perfect outfit for a party, throw a themed get together, or catch the latest on a gluten free diet, has the perfect source in her blog.  Jamie truly yearns to spread her positive outlook on life, her dedication to fitness, healthy lifestyle, and her ability to throw a party, to help provoke and inspire. --Jessica Bradley, Bethlehem PA  

I have been a blog follower and Facebook follower of Jamie for about two years.  I enjoy reading her blogs and snippets. Her writing not only catches your eyes, but is also very entertaining.  Her blog, IndomitableStyle is by far one of the best blogs on the web.  There is no other blog you can go to read about fashion, health, and beauty all in one place.  My lifestyle is very fast paced, so being able to get my dose of beauty, fashion, and fitness all in one place is top priority.  In addition, I always take something away from her blogs.  Whether it is a new recipe, a decorative idea for the holidays, or a fitness tip….I always take an idea from her page and put it to good use.  For instance, I made her Super Bowl buffalo chicken hummus recipe and the crowd at my house went wild! Keep the articles, snippets, and blogs coming Jamie…..love all of your advice, ideas, and input on all things important:  Fashion, Beauty, and Fitness! --Leslie

Jamie is the ultimate source for lifestyle advice....she has impeccable taste and is more than happy to share it with the rest of us! Whether I'm throwing a party and want to stick to a budget or need to add a fresh pop of accessories when my wardrobe is felling lackluster, Jamie is my go-to.  Rest assured, Jamie doesn't just write about fashion, decorating, food and health -- she lives it!!  Need particular advice on a certain topic but don't see it yet on her blog - just ask!  I also suggest you have her accessorize your wardrobe - my most complimented on pieces have come from Jamie.  Become a follower and add some style to your life! --Dr. Erica L. D'Agostino

I first met Jamie when we arrived at her home to shoot her kitchen for my book, Country French Kitchens. As you can imagine, I scouted a lot of kitchens—and I mean a lot—in my research for the book. I curated from amongst dozens of images sent to me by well-intentioned designers as well asthose kitchens which I had stumbled upon myself. Hers came recommended to me, and wow! Werewe thrilled to see what a wonderfully unique and imaginative area she had created for her family. I felt like Alice walking into Wonderland: colorful candies stored in beautiful apothecary jars, brown and pink and white accessories everywhere, linens and china and tablescapes coordinated around her theme of French frilly fun. Her kitchen is refreshing. Absolutely Charming. Simply Delightful. Jamie has a keen sense of design, of proportion and balance and color. She is to be commended for throwing herself out there, using her unique sense of style for our benefit. Kudos! -Carolina Fernandez, Author Country French Kitchens

Much of my sister Jamie’s adult life has revolved around the world of fashion, design, and entertainment. She has an impeccable sense of fashion, a true eye for style, and an artistic flair that lends itself to all that she does. From the complete design and decoration of her own beautiful home to the wonderful parties that she throws and caters, everything Jamie does is done with great care and attention to detail.-Robert Vena

I have followed Jamie for many years. She has an amazing zest for life and remarkable energy. Her passion for vibrant health, life celebrations and beauty in the home and garden knows no bounds. It is always a pleasure (as well as quite contagious) to watch her and follow her blog. A true example of a well lived life indeed! Join today, become a follower and get inspired by Jamie Gottschall.--Tami Bacskay (Former owner of the Blissful Home in Hellertown, PA)

Jamie’s sense of style is so unique to the Lehigh Valley. I love reading her articles to get decorating ideas for parties and events I’m hosting. Her expertise in fashion and décor is incredibly valuable. Keep on sharing those fabulous ideas!! --Lauren Rabin

love the blog, gives you a little bit of everything..........helpful, practical, and fun! --lg

Thank you Jamie for great suggestions on how to put together new looks with my existing wardrobe! -Shawn Kent Hayashi (High Performing Teams Consultant, Executive Coach, & Speaker, The Professional Development Group LLC)

I have only been a follower of Jamie's blog for a few months, but I am hooked. Jamie is helpful, informative, and makes so much that is thought to be difficult, fun! I was transitioning my diet and eating habits.  Jamie was helpful, and went above and beyond to support attaining my goals.  Jamie continues to check in w me regularly. Best of all, you can feel Jamie's energy and vibrant shine!! --Eileen Baylis

I adore the hostess and party ideas, as well as the tips given by the NYC- Lifestylist; they inspire me to turn everyday into a party!--Jessica Kuehner

"I LOVE IndomitableStyle. Jamie has great easy ideas that can take a party from great to grand in just a few steps with a small amount of money and little time.  Her tips make a busy life just a little bit easier and helps you not only put the icing on the cake but shows you how to do it with class and style!"--Belinda, www.running-behind.com

Jamie Gottschall IndomitableStyle is filled with so many tips from healthy eating to fashion to beauty tips. Jamie has so much to offer. Her taste is exquisite. You want to throw a party but are on a budget? Jamie will offer up party decorating tips/favor ideas with this in mind. You will be getting great advice for free. What's not to love!? -Nicole Sexton


  1. I have known Jamie for awhile now and have been following her blog for almost as long. What is written is clear, concise and well thought out. Jamie continues to amaze me how she can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Much like herself, Jamie blogs facts and stays true to her "fabulousness". I look forward to reading the ideas that she has conjured and it always makes me smile knowing that I actually know Jamie. She is as good on the inside as she is on the outside. I implore you to hop on Jamie's blog train - I guarantee it is a ride you will never forget and most certainly enjoy!!!

    1. Thank you to everyone who has become an official "follower" of my blog, as well as to those who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to write such amazing things about both me and my blog. I hope to continue to "entertain" and inspire you with my tips and tricks, of the various trades in which I have been groomed.


  2. Jaime Gottschall is a true "Jill of all trades" and, among other things, an inspiring DIVA! I've known Jaime for many years and am more and more amazed at how she doesn't ever let anything get in the way of her success (personal and public). The drive and motivation that she has is untouchable as well as inspirational. I just LOVE following her blog and other social media to see what she is up to next. From her fitness and health tips to decorating and party planning, to her TV debuts and everything in-between! SO EXCITING and FAB! We can learn so much from this woman and her blog!!!

    1. Wow Janelle, unexpected and humbling. Thank you.

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