Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Acupuncture In New York City

A Testimonial of a True Believer

As a mother of a HSC, Highly Sensitive Child, my 9 year old son David feels aches and pains more frequently and more intensely than the average child.  Sound like a burden?  Not so fast!  He has been blessed with heightened senses.  How do I know?  I am an HSP myself.  As a child, I complained of aches and pains often, as my sense of "feel" are pretty extreme.  My hearing, like that of a rabbit, my senses of smell and taste so heightened, I could name all the ingredients in and all that I smell and taste.  My eyes, better than 20/20, I could read fine print a mile away and my intuition off the charts.  I gave birth to my physical clone, as I recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of this trait.  My brother Rob, a Master of Science of traditional Chinese medicine, had mentioned treating my 9 year old son with acupuncture, and I just could not bring myself to try it, never mind my adolescent son.  The fear of the unknown can be debilitating and I could just not commit.
On a visit to our mothers, Rob came prepared to treat our mother for some issues of her own.  My son David could not wait to visit Uncle Rob.  Always traveling with a bag of tricks, Rob had his needles in tow and David was eager to see them.  They decided to set up shop, creating a zen like atmosphere with cushions and soft music.  The chi was flowing.  Once Grandma's successful treatment was complete, David was eager awaiting his treatment.  His ankles and legs had been aching him relentlessly for as long as we could remember.  Uncle Rob talked to David about the benefits of acupuncture treatments.  Fearless, yet desperate for relief, David jumped in Grandma's spot.  I'm not sure exactly what "magic" was performed during that treatment, since I was not there, but what I can tell you is that I have a new son.  His legs and ankles which once caused him such agony, and us such a sense of helplessness, slowly but surely left his body.  When I say slowly, I meant a week of gradual decreasing pain and discomfort until it was completely gone.  This was the result of 1 treatment.

It's been several months since my son David's treatment, and it's a rare occasion if I hear a peep about leg pain.  I want to thank my brother for treating my son with acupuncture.  From my own experience, David would have gone through a lifetime of doctors wanting to prescribe all sorts of medications for something that had no real answers or remedies for.
Many people turn to acupuncture when all other resources are drained.
I hope my sons experience will shed some light on the benefits and rewards of acupuncture in your life, or someone you know. For now, kudos to my brother for his magical hands, education/knowledge and beliefs in which he is so passionate. 

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