Friday, August 2, 2013

Holy Guacamole

1 ripened (soft) avocado sliced in half

Remove the core by chopping into the pit with a sharp knife.  Twist and discard

Turn avocado halves, flat side down and slice in half.  Repeat with other half

Peel back the skins completely and discard

Chop avocado into chunks

Place in a bowl and with a fork, begin to smash the pieces.  Smash completely and mix it for a smooth consistency or smash it like lumpy mashed potatoes, depending on your preference

Finely chop fresh cilantro and add it to the mix

Add salt and pepper to taste

Squeeze 1/2 a lemon

Place in a serving bowl

Top it off with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil for both flavor and presentation

Wipe the insides of the bowl clean with a paper towel

Top the center with a big sprig of cilantro and caddy corner 2 lemon wedges

Place the bowl in the center of a platter and surround the perimeter of the bowl with salty corn chips

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