Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Royal Fascination

It's a new era for the British Royal Family and I found no better time than today to shop for hats for my friend Jess' bridal shower, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome the soon-to-be third heir to the throne. Jess' shower will be an elegant event for sure. It is being held this weekend, where else but in my home, and is being photographed for a wedding magazine. I don't want to give away all the details but the image of Audrey Hepburn and her attire on the invitation suggest fabulous hats, little black dresses, and lots of diamonds and pearls.

We strolled through the King of Prussia Mall court, "chitty chatting" (as Jess calls it), we both gasped simultaneously as we stumbled upon a Parisian window pane filled with the most glamorous hats and delicious accessories.  It's no surprise that what started as a quick trip turned into an adventure. 

Welcomed by a French accent, Touché's proprietor, Colette, offered immediate assistance. We carefully combed through the exquisite collection of hats. One after the next, Jess and I were gushing.  Colette then reached into the depths of her collection and pulled out a fascinator.  Oh, you know, the elaborate miniature hats the royals have been sporting at the most significant British events for years now.  Like icing on the cake, Colette placed a fascinator on my head, positioning it as if it were a royal crown and I were the queen. It brought me back to the time I wore a navy, velvet, netted version 15 years ago to a friend's wedding.  

 We tried one after the next, loving each and every one. I struggled to decide which fascinator to chose and finally told Colette I'd buy my top three and rotate them throughout the day.  Collette responded with the wittiest of answers, (knowing my profession of course), "You are a woman who wears many hats, I can't think of a better idea!"  A woman of many hats, hmmm, that's exactly what I am...(now why didn't I think of that?!)

Nonetheless, I suggested that Jess try one of my three on.  She looked stunning but already had her heart set on another.  We had so much fun "fascinating" each other. Staring at our reflections in the mirror we were like two giddy school girls playing dress up with their dolls.  Our laughter was a breath of fresh air for both of us.  

I checked out of Touché with a smile and my hats individually wrapped in Tiffany blue tissue paper. I even found a pair of earrings, which Colette wrapped and placed in a French baguette bag. I couldn't think of a better way with a better friend to spend my afternoon.

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  1. Merci Jamie...we affectionately know you as J'aimie...
    Sending you twinkles from the Eiffel Tower...avec amour...
    Seda Alexandrian and Conni McDonnell
    Touché Accessories