Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tailgate Blog

Tailgate Blog

Pick up your copy of Lehigh Valley STYLE magazine, September 2015 to see my tailgating styling feature!

Well, football season is in full swing, so what better way to start the season, but on a glorious day tailgating in STYLE? 

 Not everyone has to enter the stadium to see the game, it all about the energy, the rumbling of the bleachers, the hooting and hollering and the adrenaline that will have everyone pumped up for game day. 

 So with that said,  invite family and friends alike and ensure everyone has a dish lined up for the big day. 

How much fun would it be to even tailgate in the park, where the kids can join in the fun, playing on the swings and a place to run around?

  It's possible, especially given today's technology, you can bring the game to you rather than going to the game. 

 Don't want to miss the game at home?  Have a pre-tailgate!  

Plan your party with a pre-party!   Give yourselves ample time to cook and party! 

 Don't forget to include driving time, set up and clean up.  

With a pre-party everyone is well fed and you can head home, get everyone showered and in their PJ's before hitting the couch!

Jamie Gottschall


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