Sunday, March 1, 2015

STYLE LOOK of the WEEK! "Bohemian Military"


"Bohemian Military"

Ad courtesy of VOGUE magazine
Think you can't afford the stylish looks in Vogue magazine?  Is it something you have chalked up to an unrealistic dream only for models, the wealthy or fashion editors?  Well guess again.  High end designers such as Gucci set the trends, but don't think you can't follow suit, as the rest of the fashion free world does.  In fact, some of the most notably chic fashionistas do it, and do it on a tight budget.  It is where creativity comes into play.  It is taking what you have, mixing and matching it to make the most of it.  

Below:  My closet finds (the complete look)...

When I saw this Gucci look in Vogue, I immediately honed in on my current closet classics.  I knew I had a cropped green army jacket that was not the same as the Gucci, but was a similar idea, I bought it at a vintage junk shop.

Below: Magazine Shot (military jacket & plunging neckline)

I did not have a top with a plunging neckline for beneath the jacket like the ad shows (which by the way is the hottest trend going in case you haven't noticed, from the last few red carpets), so again I improvised and created my own.  I went through all the blouses in my closet and came across an old Ralph Lauren paisley blouse, similar to the colors within the models blouse and neckerchief.  

Below: My look (plunging blouse neckline & military jacket)

I placed it on a hanger and hung the jacket on top and opened the buttons on the blouse down to where my cleavage line begins.  
Below: Magazine look (purse & boots)

I happen to have a brown suede fringe bag a pair of faded jeans and with a lot of luck, a pair of python boots I bought in a high end consignment shop in New York's East Village.

Below: My look (boots and bag)

On that note, my look was complete.  So when you see a look you love, tear it out and bring it to your closet to see if you can get close to the look.
Good Luck!

Jamie Gottschall

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