Friday, September 19, 2014


Welcome to fall, one of the most exciting seasons to create scrumptious recipes.  I am excited to open my baker’s cabinet and begin to sift through the wide variety of ingredients I have been stocking up on over the summer, while the sales have been booming.  Autumn is a time for comfort food, pies, cakes and creative dips to name just a few.  This autumn, I plan to whip up some more original recipes for you, but not without sharing the necessary items that every pantry must have.

Autumn is the start of party season, indoor and outdoor entertaining, Oktoberfest, harvest fests, races, Halloween, football, hayrides, bonfires, homecomings, school parties and Thanksgiving to name just a few.  So on that note, whatever your party may be, its always polite to offer to bring a dish if you have been invited.   If you are the host, well then there is plenty of creating yet to be discovered.  For now, I hope to inspire you this season with some of my very own creations.

Autumn Baking Shopping List

-pumpkin puree
-coconut flakes (wet and dry)
-pie crusts
-unbleached flour
-organic cane sugar
-spice wafer cookies
-chocolate chips (white/peanut butter chips & more)
-chocolate melting wafers
-confectioners sugar
-fall colored sprinkles
-Fresh baking powder/soda
-heavy cream
-assortment of nuts
-condensed milk
-Cool Whip topping
-confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
-canned apple pie filling
-filo dough

This time of year there are always coupons in your local newspaper flyer or on-line, which makes stocking up more reasonable. Rather than tossing the paper, grab those savings and go!

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