Friday, June 20, 2014

Thank you, Catherine Gretta for my latest testimonial!

Dear Jamie,

A few months ago (Feb. 2014) while I was reading the NYT my husband pointed out there was an article he thought I'd really enjoy in the Express Times, Bridal Gown Vocab 101 by Jamie Gottschall, Indomitable Style. It turns out it was your debut as "STYLE" Columnist.  I did recognize your name from Facebook and had 'liked' your page early on and appreciated your blog.    My husband was right... I really enjoyed the article and it sparked an idea!  As you know, you received a complimentary letter immediately as I am a big believer in giving positive feedback.  Additionally, I liked your Style and wanted to be a potential resource for any future Communications you would share.    Your immediate response and expression of appreciation was refreshing.

Twice a year I conduct a class for the Northampton Community College.. "The Business of Weddings and Social Events" which I am happy to say is part of the Certificate in Meeting & Event Planning at cbi (center for business & industry), part of the Hospitality & Tourism programs.  The Business of Weddings and Social Events is from an entrepreneurial perspective and is actual work-life application.  Typically I include a panel discussion or invite an industry related associate to share their stories.  The "spark" from your article was to invite you to share your experiences and specifically speak to the how-tos for successful blogging.  Well, the rest as they say is history.   You came, they saw and we all were better for having the opportunity to meet and speak with you.
Thank you Jamie for generously giving of your time and sharing personal goals and dreams.    Without question, you have new followers I am certain.

With gratitude,

Catherine Gretta
LUXE, The Wedding Event

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