Thursday, May 1, 2014


I decorated each parfait by hot gluing a gingham rose to the front of each mug

What you will need

Red velvet cake or pound cake
Fresh mint sprigs
Plain Greek yogurt
Whipped cream fresh or canned

You can either make your own red velvet cake, or choose simplicity like I did and and purchase a pre-made red velvet pound cake at my gourmet grocer.

Here's How:

With you fingers, pinch off red velvet cake and begin to press it down into the bottom of your glass jar or container. Use approximately one inch of cake, packing it in.
Next spoon in an inch and a half of plain greek yogurt.
Add more red velvet pound cake and repeat steps leaving room for whipped cream topping. 
Next, add whipped cream. I chose canned because I could easily get inside with the tip to fill my jars in a circular motion coming up over the top of my glass, creating a fluffy peak.
Garnish topping with one sprig of fresh mint.

Refrigerate until chilled and serve.

Mini mugs from the Christmas Tree Shop: $0.79 per mug or you can purchase a case of 24.

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