Sunday, April 27, 2014


Not everyone understands why I do so much.  A few say,  "you need to pick one thing and stick with it!"  I've heard it from friends, one producer and even a book agent.  What they don't understand is that in not selling a service, I'm selling a brand and the brand is me.  The truth is, I'm really good at all that I put my heart into, it's called passion.  With passion comes determination and ultimately, the will to succeed and a successful brand to follow.  At this point, I've proved them all wrong.  I have demonstrated that I AM, a more than capable one woman show or jack of all trades.  I have beaten the odds with self belief and not self doubt.  An easy road?  No.  I have worked my fingers to the bone, spent personal earnings to build my brand.  The combination of street savvy-ness and acing the school of hard nocks has been an invaluable lesson, one that only comes from life experiences.  

I built a recognizable name for myself, published a successful blog with a worldwide following and became a television personality, newspaper columnist and so much more, simply by believing in my brand.  I have demonstrated the ability to be a master-multitasker who is a "brand" and not a subject.  I'm simply not fashion or entertaining or a chef, I'm all of it rolled into one.  I am the type who doesn't take no for an answer.  If you tell me no, it only drives me to do greater things and add it to my brand repertoire.  I'm persistent and figure out a way to find the yes to success.  It's about resourcefulness, having an investigative mind, the love of inspiring, having heightened senses and thick skin.  Nothing I do is simple.  Why you ask?  Because my name is on it, it represents me and my beliefs, it what makes "me," Jamie Gottschall IndomitableStyle, my brand, Understand?

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