Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Adventures of a Determined Storyteller

It's been a whirlwind of opportunities for me the past few months, between television appearances, editorial jobs and jumping on the social network band wagon.  I have been writing morning, noon and night all while maintaining my full time job as a stay at home mother, assisting with homework, chauffeuring them to sporting events, preparing meals, scheduling outings and basic care for my children.

I write everywhere; all hours of the night, at every traffic light, reaching out of the shower to make notes, in my sleep. I am writing and writing, constantly inspired by every thought.  Building a brand is certainly not without hard work, especially when the brand is me.  I had two editorial pieces due this past week, one for a magazine that included hiring a  photographer and styling the photo shoot, in addition to writing a proposal for a television news segment. While all of this was taking place, my house was falling apart. The laundry backed up, vacuuming and dusting needed, and my car looking like a disheveled office space.  My ever so patient husband agreed to "take the bull by the horns" as I completed these not so simple tasks.  I sat in the front of the living room fireplace for days with my feet propped up and both sets of French doors closed to block out any background noise.  I was sitting, doing what I do best: creating.  I was lost in my world of story-telling as if nothing else around me existed.  It's not an easy job to step away from your family and daily responsibilities for so many hours but Derek was game, supporting my goals and hopes for future success.  I can easily flip a switch, shifting gears from one task or assignment to the next without hesitation.  A gift I realized in my thirties.

I saved the most time-consuming writing assignment for last and it was a doozie.  It was my debut article for my new job as a newspaper STYLE columnist.  A long awaited dream has finally come true.  Writing my story was a breeze, the words just kept flowing.  It was if the dialogue of conversation was going on in my head, dictating as I write.  As I approached the end of my story, I came down with a stomach virus.  The stress was finally hitting me, my immune system weakened, my body and mind needed a break.  I still attempted to write but it was like struggling to see through a storm.  I pushed anyway and completed my assignment with no regrets and well in advance of the due date.  I read through and edited it about four times, pleased with the overall outcome.  The question now?  Will the editor like it? Will my new readers?  I worked so tediously, traveling through the depths of my memory bank, time and experience.  I wrote from the heart passionately, as if I knew I would be writing this all my life.  Once I hit send, I expected this huge weight to be lifted off my shoulders but instead my teeth continued chattering as they always do when I dive head first into a project.   My adrenaline was still revved up and my nerves continued causing me to tremble.  Like a junkie, I was on a high and couldn't come down.  It took a day to detox and a solid night of sleep to finally feel rehabilitated.

I just boarded a plane for Disney with my family and my $600 drug of choice, my iPhone, with which all of my work is created.  While everyone sleeps, I continue to write.
What's ahead of me?  My newspaper column debut, my TV segment and two magazine articles to be published.  I will continue to pump out blogs, hire a PR agent in New York (as my press kit is nearing completion), and press on with social networking.  I will continue my climb to the top.  Is there a peak for me?  I doubt it, because no matter what I do, I will do from the heart with passion, conviction and determination.  The peak for me is not the end, it's simply the beginning.


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