Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Case of the Sneaky Snacker

Are you the parent of a "sneaky snacker?"  Do you find empty snack bags below the sofa, behind the water cooler or under the bed?  Well guess what?  You are far from alone.  Today I chronicled two episodes of the sneaky snacker I have at home.  Often I find snack bags around the house and when they start to pile up and the evidence begins to mound, my little one finds a new place to stash the trash.
I had noticed my son was beginning to look "puffy."  I thought I had control over the snacks he had been eating but that was simply not the case.  What I failed to realize is that the snacks I had been hiding for "special occasions" had been discovered long ago.  It's an unfortunate situation when you have to talk to your 7 year old about watching his or her weight, the effects on the heart and overall health and  reiterating the importance of fruits and vegetables.
So what's the best advice for getting control of an uncontrolled situation?  "Out of sight, out of mind!"  Get rid of the junky snacks and replace them with natural, organic ones.  When there are no longer any unhealthy choices, they have no choice but to eat healthy!  Children will call it mean and unfair, I call it "tough love."  It's the decisions that are difficult that end up being the most rewarding.  So with that said, I'm going to do a clean sweep upon our return from vacation and stick to my guns.  I just have to keep reminding myself that one day, I will look back and be proud of my decision, rather than regret the fact it is too late.  

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