Saturday, January 11, 2014


What would the world look like without color?  How do your photos look when you wear all black?  Not as fabulous as the ones you took when you had on splashes of color, right?


Black and deep colors limit the amount of detail you can actually see in a photograph.  In person, it no longer says, "NY chic, " but I've got something to hide. I'm talking about confidence here, not about weight.  I'm not saying to never wear black, I love it on occasion myself, but just live a little.  A lot of people avoid color because they don't feel they have the fashion sense  to coordinate and pull it off.

Like in everything I do, it's about balance.  Grab your favorite colorful pair of earrings, and two favorite coordinating pieces from your wardrobe.  It doesn't have to be red trousers and a purple sweater, but it can be a purple sweater and a red scarf.  Throw in your favorite brown boots & brown purse, add brown trousers.

You can see the detail close up, but not as much on me in pictures.  But my colorful accessories gave my ensemble flair!
Make it pop!  This dress has tremendous detail but you can barely see it!  I added a splash of red by throwing in a red silk bag, ruby red jewelry and red finger and toenail polish.
Red lips give a black outfit punch. It's like icing on the cake!
Red toenails and fingernails add balance with the lips.

A red silk clutch for a finishing touch.
My best kept fashion secret is that I don't allow my clothes to dictate which way my outfit will go, I leave that to my accessories.  Go for the accessories first and you will likely come up with a better ensemble.  I don't dress backwards, I dress fashion forward, and that's how it's done.

The inspiration for this outfit was my new Christmas presents, my bracelet, earrings and ring.  It made putting an outfit together a cinch!

Favorite new purse?  Let that begin your canvas for dressing.  We live in an era of anything goes, from patterns, colors, structures and themes.

Need an example?  I wear my english riding breeches with western cowboy boots. I balance it out by layering western and plain style belts that match the stitching in the boots. Gray and brown?  You betcha!

Another secret of mine is that when I find something new, I immediately create an outfit, even if I have no plans to wear it anytime soon.  I have several outfits ready to go always, and they hang from my closet door frames.  I even go as far as to hang the shoes, purse and jewelry with the outfit.

Check out all the color combinations.
I drew from the colors in the scarf. (Plum colored leggings, a cherry red sweater and burgundy boots). A royal blue bag would be off the charts with this ensemble, I think I will search for one tomorrow.  Digging through my necklaces, I "just happened upon" a matching necklace!
I just pulled coordinating colors from the most detailed piece I have.  Notice the prime accessory dictates what I search for.  Orange lipstick will balance out the orange scarf,
And add more dimension to my lips, allowing them to pop!

I can wear the burgundy suede boots, which seem ideal, but I pulled the strong black from the beads in the necklace instead.  I anchored the outfit with black velvet boots and a black fringed bag.  A denim jacket or denim vest would really spice things up!

I hope this will inspire you to do the same, because what would life truly be like if you didn't know how to show your true colors.

Start Coloring!!


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