Friday, January 3, 2014

Jamie's New Year's Resolutions

What good, honest blogger would I be if I didn't share my personal New Year's Resolutions with my readers?  Let's face it, I'm out there in all I do and think it's important to be as true to my readers as I am to myself. I have many resolutions this year, both big and small.  Below is my list and I promise to continue to post my progress with you.
Jamie Gottschall, The NYC Lifestylist
2014 New Year's Resolutions

- spend more time doing physical activities with my children (tennis, ice skating, etc.)

- Continue a gluten and dairy free diet

- Spend less money shopping and save more.  This equals a healthier marriage.

- Attacking my fear of social media and technology head on by being more proactive in figuring out the different available avenues and how to use them.

- Hire a PR Rep to push me into the mainstream, through publishing, television and more.

- "Up" my tennis game by getting inside the court and more aggressively going for winners (commit to my shots & let my arm go, trusting a full swing).

- Organizing my photos & quotes on Facebook into albums & get an ad posted.

- Continue to knock out blogs and inspire the world.
I have already made valiant efforts with many of my resolutions.  I have taken that tennis risk, plan to go sledding with the boys today, made contact with a PR Rep, am eating very clean, got myself on Twitter and am actively posting blogs and commentary, got on Pinterest and am sharing my blogs/photos there, I have delved into different photography apps, began organizing my Facebook photo albums, and created an "ad" for myself.

I can't lie, I'm feeling overwhelmed just 3 days into the new year.  When I commit to a task or tasks, like I said, I take them on head on.  The is no wiggle room for error or anything else.  Being this regimented keeps me focused and committed.  The problem is, I have committed to a lot.  Balancing it all is the toughest part for me, between family and personal goals.  I guess with that said, I have added a resolution to my list, and the most difficult of all the tasks for me, KNOWING WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE!
Good Luck,

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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