Sunday, January 19, 2014


I'm an avid collector of many things.  I shop antique store mostly, but once in a blue moon will "hit up" a local thrift store or two.  A thrift store is one of those places I usually like to avoid, but the truth is, they are not only unavoidable, but a gold mine.  The old adage, "one mans trash is another mans treasure," is an understatement!  
Why do you think the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was such a huge hit?  Besides being a catchy tune, "popping tags" and looking for a  "come up" at thrift shops is something most Americans can relate to, especially now, with all the hype of reality antique shows, no less a recession.  
From the outrageous finds that come in on Pawn Stars to American Pickers and the Antiques Road Show, everyone wants a piece of the action.  It's the hunt for hidden treasures that people really crave.  
The truth is, it's foolish not to.  Many a masterpiece has been found in a thrift shop, from Andy Warhol's to Davinci's.  Even I "came-up" with an American 17th century master painting.  Where do you think antique dealers go to shop?  I will tell you that it's other antique junk shops, yard and tag sales, consignment shops, auctions, estate sales and yes, thrift shops. 
When I spotted my oil on canvas painting hanging on a wall, it immediately spoke to me.  I saw it in the distance, and literally sprinted to it, as if the gun fired in the Olympic 100 meter dash.  I could see the precision in the brush strokes a mile away, the crackled patina, the age  and elaborate detail of the dusty gilded frame.  It spoke to me in a way I can't describe.  According to the woman who sold it to me, it was found in a Bucks County farmhouse.  Jackpot!  

I will be writing more about my collections and finds, how to incorporate and display them into your home, and simply to go about finding what you are looking for.  I will guide you, how to have an eye an spot a treasure a mile away.  
Don't underestimate the savvy skill of your interior decorator or designer either.  They too are "Poppin' tags" and marking them up 200% and turning around and selling them to you, that's just what they do. To those of you who turn their noses up to being "thrifty," should note that on a $25 dollar purchase, I made a  minimum profit of $15,000.  Although this nose knows, never underestimate the skill and reward of being thrifty!

Happy Hunting!!

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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