Saturday, January 25, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's: Cold Beverage Bar

Creating a cold beverage bar was simple with a few creative ideas and tips that give it dimension and eye-catching interest.
At my local fabric store, I purchased a piece of satin fabric, which fit the dimensions of my folding table.  Be sure it touches the front on at least 3 sides, as beneath is a great storage place for extra bottles or things you just want to get out of the way, and the long side with no fabric is close to or against the wall.  Next, I had a mirror store come and measure my table to make a beautiful mirror top.  It's a spectacular touch as it reflects both light and color.  It's also modern and sleek looking.  With the top in place, The centerpiece was next, a silver punch bowl.  I knew it had to be tall and stand out on the table, so I placed a silver Revere bowl upside down and carefully placed the punch bowl on top. 
The layering has now begun.  Next I place a beautiful rectangular silver tray on the right side of the my bar, with etched champagne glasses on top.  Each neck of the glass was adorned with a tulle bow.  The bottom of the tray was sprinkled with faux diamonds.
In the front of the punch bowl, I placed an authentic Tiffany box, with a rhinestone bracelet and strand of pearls draping over the top.
Striped paper straws were placed within an etched jar, which was propped up on a jeweled candle holder.
I used Irish coffee mugs for the punch, each decorated with a blue grosgrain ribbon, a self adhesive white paper heart cutout on top, and a self adhesive pearl in the center.
I placed them on a silver tray and lined the bottom with faux pearls.
Candles were placed with jewels on the table for both ambiance and interest.
It's the fine details that make this bar as glamorous as it looks, from the tiny pearls to the mirrored table top.
Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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