Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Theme Pumpkin Decorating

Ok, so I like to coordinate everything, paint the picture in my mind and make things balance.  This Halloween, after finally creating a wreath that I love with vibrant colors, I chose to decorate my front porch pumpkins to match!  Simply by taking the colors from the bow on my wreath, I was able to run to Home Depot for the matching color spray paints.  When I arrived home, I carefully washed and dried my pumpkins (a clean palate will ensure clean and smooth coverage).  Then, I laid a drop cloth onto my driveway, far enough away from the house not to allow overspray to change the color of my house or car, and I began to spray each pumpkin one by one.  It's best to avoid spraying when it's windy and/or cold.  Paint does not adhere well to cold surfaces and has a hard time drying as well.  Windy sounds good but on an autumn day, you may find yourself with leaves and debris stuck to your pumpkins and paint on everything.  And don't do what I did and back out of your driveway and run over a can of spray paint!  My chariot now looks like a pumpkin!  Just kidding, but the tire took a hit and a light spray on the front fender, which was immediately rubbed off with a towel.  I need acetone to scrub the driveway (pumpkin project gone wild!). Be careful and remember to spray with the proper mask to protect yourself, along with old clothes and shoes.

I also invested in a small hand drill and a variety of drill bits to begin some pumpkin experimenting.  I kept it simple this year, with the clock ticking and lots of fun things going on.  I decided to use my black pumpkin, and drill holes all around it, so it would have many beams of light coming from within.  I made the holes too small this year but next year I will be ready for sure.  Here's my experiment...



Jamie Gottschall
The NYCLifestylist

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