Thursday, October 31, 2013

Preparing for the Holidays

As soon as Halloween is over, the holiday season approaches like a whirlwind.  For some, their heads spin from the stress of the seasonal transition, the anxiety over the reality that the bills create. Just the thought, for many, of the production it takes to drag out the holiday boxes and trees, not to mention the clean-up.  For others, the holidays can't get here fast enough.  Our adrenaline is at an all time high, our ideas are overflowing, and planning has been done months in advance.  We are ready and waiting to do what we do best, ENTERTAIN!

For many, there is the desire to be creative, the dream to create the perfect holiday and the motivation to figure out how to make it all seem effortless.  They find inspiration from books, tv and the beautiful homes they spy on their winter vacations.  How do I know?  I once wore those snow shoes.  Since I was a child, I dreamed of creating Christmas trees dripping with spectacular ornaments that stopped people in their sleigh tracks.  I collected glassware, crystal and china for years to ensure a flawless, holiday-themed tablescape.  I cooked with the longing to please and the desire to experiment, create and invent new things.  But the most coveted recipe of all is the one I unearthed on my own, by trial and error, as you will; it was ensuring my guests' excitement to return year after year.  That meant creating an environment that exudes a warm and welcoming home, a meal that is full of memorable, delectable and zestful flavors and ambiance that places them in the true holiday spirit.  

This holiday season, I hope to inspire you with just those sort of ideas.  I will share with you my home/grown recipes, decor and ambiance ideas, along with tips for the perfect holiday presentation.  From 
the front door to the table, from my home to yours, together, we will create a picture perfect holiday season!


Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist