Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Halloween Wreath That Is DROP DEAD Gorgeous

I am incredibly picky, when it comes to finding holiday decor that looks like it has an ounce of quality, especially when it comes to my front door wreath.  Your front door is where you welcome your guests and where they receive their very first impression of who lives inside.  Therefore, creating thing with my own signature is a must.  For years I searched for the perfect Halloween wreath, but they were all so chinsey looking.  You know,  those half done grapevine wreaths you find hanging in the craft stores, where you find yourself saying, if it only had a better bow, if they only used the right balance of flowers, etc.  I have a beautiful Autumn wreath that I love, I hang it every year.  It looks natural, it's full and it's simple and elegant.  This year while staring at it on my door, it came to me, "why not just dress up the wreath I love, just before Halloween?"  Well, that's exactly what I did.  I already had a beautiful net-like Halloween bow in a variety of Halloween colors waiting to be used on something (I bought it, just because I liked it so much), and I also had some other knick-knacks laying around that coordinated.  With the wreath still hanging on the door, I grabbed my bow, affixed it tightly to my wreath and symmetrically added a matching cat mask (I cut the elastic band that holds it on your face, in the middle and used it as a tie).  I placed my purple glittery pumpkin picks (2) at the top and a clipped a purple glittery tarantula to the bow (clip attached to spider) and voila, I had an instant Halloween wreath!  

If you find yourself struggling to make the perfect wreath that suits you and your home appropriately, then take a step back, find a basic, beautiful wreath and embellish it with your favorite things.  No glue was used for this project, so for the month of November, I will gently remove the Halloween decor and either leave it simple or "jazz it up" with some Thanksgiving colors and knick-knacks.


Good Luck!!

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