Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a BALL!

In my quest to give beer an original visual appeal and give lemonade a look that says country, I came up with a simple solution and cost effective way to spice things up.  I was tired of looking at boring red plastic cups that end up all over the lawn when a party is over. Besides, I prefer to drink out of a glass anyway.  A glass keeps an icy drink cold and always tastes better (with plastic, permeable lingering flavors make the flavor of the drink undesirable).  Cost effectiveness was also a factor, so weighing the pros and cons were important.  Will I use these again and are they multifunctional?  I combed the stores until I came across, good old fashioned ball jars in a variety of sizes, and sold in quantities of a dozen.  I hit the nail on the head! They were cost effective and I could use them for more than one occasions.  When you are looking for something unique, "step outside the box"! Instead of looking for cups in the cup department, look everywhere but there!

Happy Hunting!!


Great Uses for Ball Jars:

~ beer
~ lemonade with crushed ice, lemon slices and a sprig of mint
~ Lynchburg Lemonade
~ Arnold Palmer half & half (half lemonade & half ice tea)
~mint juleps (a more cost effective use in exchange for traditional silver mint julep cups)
~ Colored juices to go with a party theme, such as green Hawaiian Punch (for bug juice)
~ Ice cold foamy root or birch beer
~ Don't forget your flower arrangement

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