Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gluten and Dairy, Time to be Wary!

People wonder why they are overweight and can't shed the pounds; wake up people!!!!! Stop eating processed foods!!!! Cut out the gluten & dairy!!!!!

Get motivated! We live in a world of microwave meals that promote laziness!!!! Yogurt with sweeteners: NOT GOOD, milk and some dairy products: LOADED with hormones.
My rule is if there is anything listed in the ingredients that I can't pronounce or that wouldn't keep in my own pantry, I DON'T BUY IT!

Food manufacturers have made a business out of poisoning us. Our bodies are becoming confused because of all the junk we are swallowing! Our bodies can't recognize their own cells anymore! Animals are fed hormones and we are ingesting them. Our immune system doesn't know which cells are ours and which cells are the animals. We pay for it how? The immune system begins to fight off the body's own cells because it does not recognize its own, resulting in either auto-immune disease or death. 

 Within the last century, food manufactures have turned to science to "genetically modify" our foods. Why? Because if they use LESS of the "WHOLE FOOD," and replace it with manufactured fillers, they save money...the wheat or whole food can be spread out, making more of it for the rest of the processing.

Why is it that the grocery store food chain "WHOLE FOODS" is going "non-GMO?" Well, here is my suspicion/opinion, WHOLE FOODS is probably preparing for a life-time of litigation under the pretense of "false advertising!" They were likely not selling only WHOLE FOODS! Any intelligent attorney is going to jump on this soon-to-be class action suit! If these stores, including the fast food chains don't clean up their act, they are going down, just like the cigarette industry! Hey, remember, the more they feed an animal hormones, the more hormone contaminated meat and dairy it can produce!

I praise Mayor Bloomberg for the soda ban/control. Hey, the man isn't a billionaire because he is stupid, he's a billionaire because he can spot a trend when he sees one. It pays to be "trendy."

Jamie Gottschall

The NYClifestylist

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