Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stumped with a Thanksgiving Day fashion dilemma?

         WORK YOUR WARDROBE!    
         Pull out any ol' plain dress, grab a scarf and get fancy with it by wrapping it backwards (from front to back and around the front again). Next, select your shoes and find a belt that coordinates. Do you own a fur collar? If yes, then nix the scarf and put the collar around your neck. Safety pins work wonders! Play with the fur, it doesn't have to be worn traditionally. Open it up, pin it closer to your shoulders or just wear it on one side and it will look like its part of the dress. Now don't forget your handbag and fun jewelry (be careful not to overdo it though, less is more!). One statement piece will steal the show, too many and you will have peoples eyes crossing! Do I have to wear stockings or tights, no but your legs need color. Go to CVS and pick up a bottle of Neutrogena bronzer for instant results. Once it has dried, rub some Vaseline in your hands and apply to your exposed arms or legs sparingly. Your appendages will not only look tan but also fit and trim! Throw your shoulders back, stand tall and confident.

Let me know how it goes!
 Knock ‘em dead!!

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