Monday, July 30, 2012

Fit For Philanthropy

To underestimate oneself and think you cannot be a productive citizen, run a household, have a career, a secure marriage and be fit and healthy at the same time, is the farthest thing from the truth.  If you feel contrary to this belief, you are selling yourself short.  If you have a vision and a clear goal, then the answer is simple; believe in yourself and the power of the human mind and no boundaries will stand in your way.

I have overcome many challenges; rumors, family deaths, performance anxieties, health & social issues to name just a few. But it is those experiences that make me the vigilant, focused, yet confident woman I am today.  They are mountains I have climbed and storms I have braved, tests from up above that I have achieved.  If I succumb to ridicule and allow those to stand in my way of success, I would say I’ve accomplished nothing and would likely be a basket case.  I have strong beliefs but a very warm heart.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to help anybody.  I’m not perfect but I believe in myself.  I take the gifts that God has granted me and use them as a source of strength and for the reasons they were designed for me.  Some of us are not as fortunate for many reasons.  I believe I was put on this earth to inspire those challenged with everyday life.  I teach, instruct and guide, through magazine articles, in design books, blogging, with television “Lifestyle” news appearances, as a member of 4 committees and with Facebook, aspirations and ideas. 

This time, I decided to give back directly to the community, for a specific cause and with hope to inspire once again those who are challenged both physically and mentally.  I wanted to start a new movement in the “Valley” while raising awareness towards AUTISM.  I am a runner and don’t really participate in the cult-like following of 5ks and marathons (not to say I’m not headed in that direction), but travel the state to find races that I can accomplish that are short but sweet; I run the mile.   I took any reservations and procrastinations one would normally have, and didn’t even entertain those thoughts.  That, my friends, is what it’s all about.  I wanted it, I believed I could do it and I did. 

What am I getting at?  If you have always dreamed of doing something, now is the time.  Set that goal, but follow through.  Make it a priority (okay, don’t place it over your family and don’t sell the farm), use your spare time, get up earlier to work on it when everyone is sleeping or late in the evening when it’s quiet time.  Dedicate windows throughout the day.  Start with research and draw up an outline.

I wish you luck, and if you sought inspiration from this blog, I would be delighted if you shared your story, in fact, I will place it on my blog site. I wish you best of luck with your new endeavors.

Below is an example of the letter I developed, launching my race inspiration, use it as a starting point..

In Good Health,

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist


 Mark your calendars as we make history in the Lehigh Valley as the 1st Annual
"Going the MILE for Autism"
The Lehigh Valley is FLOODED with 5ks and other races, but for me, I run the MILE. I have to travel the state to find my races, with the closest one 40 minutes away in Perkasie. I searched for a MILE race in the Lehigh Valley to determine if an official MILE race even existed. I came up with nothing! So, I decided to combine my desire to give back to the community with a MILE race, and that's just what I did! Many friends and acquaintances have told me, "NOW A MILE...THAT I CAN DO."

Thinking long and hard about my greatest desire with whom to give back to was simple. My heart and mind are with AUTISM. It's everywhere I turn. It's in my neighborhood, around the corner and on Facebook. It is prevalent in professional athletes, brilliant men and women of the world, on lonely streets and in homeless shelters; it's everywhere. I see it daily in adults and children who are typically bullied and misunderstood, due to lack of empathy and compassion...ignorance.
My motto:
"Before you judge a man, walk a "MILE" in his shoes."
So please join us for this MILE walk/run for Autism. Show you have empathy and compassion; I challenge you to go the MILE in those shoes.
The website for registration is
For volunteer information, sponsorship, vendor inquiries or any questions or concerns, call or e-mail Jamie Gottschall
There will be races for all ages, corporate challenges and a very exciting "ELITE MILE," live entertainment, medals, monetary & gift awards for all race winners, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and an exciting raffle with fabulous prizes!!

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