Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patience IS a Virtue

 “All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

When faced with a goal or challenge I would say I take it VERY seriously. With a “Type A” personality, nothing will stop me until it’s complete and done properly, by that I mean not 100% but 150%. I will give it my all even if it kills me.

One year ago I was 15 lbs. heavier than I am today, and medically speaking a “Doctor’s Dream,” with a bad lower back and a myriad of other health issues. An audition for a cable network show rocked my world when the realization came that I was a close contender.

On that note Type A stood for “Awakening!” Jumping out of bed the next morning, I literally “ran” to the gym to hire their Posture and Core Expert. It was there that I was evaluated and told I had poor posture and until that was corrected my physical ailments and body would continue to suffer. My trainer was right, though I fought him tooth and nail over it. I was determined though an eager to pursue the “Bolesta Method” philosophy.

Today, because of my “good posture,” I appear as if I am standing 2” taller, my pelvis which was once shifted forward like a Neanderthal, has naturally aligned itself with the rest of my body creating contour. I have reprogrammed my physique and have now developed the proper stability in which to support strong muscle. My athletic performance is improving rapidly, where before, with no core stability and poor posture it had reached its plateau. Our core IS our center in which all else follows.

Think of a ballerina, a ballroom dancer, or figure skater. Why do they appear so visually flawless and “swan like?” Their movements are so fluid and appear so effortless. These athletes are trained with posture and core techniques early on. Posture and core dictates proper balance and strength.

The following is a perfect example; Formerly an English Equestrienne hunter/jumper, my most recent trainer attached my horse to a lead line (a type of extended leash so the trainer has some control). I was not allowed to touch the reins at all! As I circled around my riding trainer like that of a carousel, we repeated drills where I would place my arms out horizontally, vertically above my head and then out in front of me while cantering (horse’s gate/moving at a fast pace). If I didn’t sit tall, with my chest raised high, I was “road pizza.” So then what kept me stable on a speeding horse, in my saddle and my arms in precarious positions? The answer was my CORE & POSTURE. For the record, I met a woman last night that boards her horse where I took my lessons. Wouldn’t you know, she just informed me that my former trainer herself is trained by the coach of the European Equestrian Team.

With that said, why do some turn away from the core & posture programs that are offered today? It’s because of a pure lack of education, self discipline, and sadly, stubbornness. Everyone thinks they have a PHD in Physical Fitness. If people would just stop talking and start listening, and better yet, stick with it, they may actually accomplish their fitness goals as I did.

How did we do it you ask? Over the period of one year, my posture was forced with a routine of stretching and core stability training and low impact “controlled” exercises. I told my trainer just the other day that “patience IS a virtue” and “All good things DO come to those who wait.” The proof is in the pudding. Thank you, John! You were right!

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