Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Wrap With a Twist!

Tired of the same ol' gift wrap?  Let me show you how to put a creative spin on this year's holiday presents.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, the same rule applies.  Gift wrap is not your only option when presenting a gift.  It's time to start thinking "outside the box"... literally!

Instead of a brown cardboard gift box, think of other types of containers or boxes that are out there.  As many of you know, I am an advocate of Marshall's/Homegoods.  If there is anything you need outside of general groceries, you are likely to find it there.  The aisles of Marshall's have sparked inspiration for many a magazine, television show, book idea, and blog project, including this one.  Although I knew what I went in for on this trip, the wide selection at Marshall's opened up a world of ideas.  From covered baskets, fabric covered storage bins, and beautiful canvas bags, I wiped out Marshall's best pieces that day.  My next venture was to hit Michael's Craft Store for unique coordinating ribbon.

The perfect gift for an Anglophile.  Here I found many Union Jack items, including a burlap textured covered box, English breakfast tea, a book on Kings & Queens and lots more (all courtesy of Marshall's/Homegoods)

Having the drive to turn a package into a work of art, comes from deep within my soul.  If you are like me, and see beauty in everyone, and everything, then these projects should come naturally to you.  For those of you who struggle to pull it from within, then these tips will help you duplicate the beauty.
Here, I added schnazzy ribbon and vintage horse show ribbons

Tips & Tricks:

-Search for storage boxes that are covered in fabric

-Take a plain box and wrap the bottom and top in separate pieces.  With this method, you will have a box that is preserved, and can be used year after year

-Look for baskets in many types of weaves to add variety to your repitoire.  I favor covered baskets, because of the original touch it adds to a gift.

-To really make a splash, stack different sized baskets, using variations of weaves.

-Look for unique ribbon that compliments the basket, yet pops with color.

-Find ribbon with glitter.  There is nothing more beautiful than a package that sparkles in the evening light

-Double up!  I layer my ribbon, placing a thin ribbon on top of a thick ribbon.  This gives the package depth and dimension.  Sometimes a little dab of hot glue here and there will keep the layers in tact but is only necessary if it's giving you trouble.

-Get creative with a topper.  I chose natural elements from my garden for some packages.  I grow close to 1,000 hydrangea blooms each year.  Cut dried, they have added great beauty to my gift packages.  I spray them with metallic spray paint.

-Use leaves from your yard or the park and mist them with a splash of spray paint, dried flowers, artificial flowers or holiday pics.

-Each year follow a theme

-I had a local bar save me their old corks that I spray painted for New Year's Eve party decor.  I also hot glued some to my gift packages and sprinkled some glitter in the wet paint.

This gift was placed inside a beautiful fabric covered box.
-Use pinecone pics, spray paint them and add some glitter.

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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