Friday, December 20, 2013

Red & Green; Colors of Christmas Past

Red and green have seen better days. In fact, I consider them colors of Christmas past.  I admit, nothing pops like a red bow but it's old news.  Today, anything goes, and the secret to being ahead of the curve is to follow what you see as far as home design trends and colors.  For example, the color of the year is plum.  A giant plum bow would look spectacular on a wreath and, with that thought, you can play on the theme of sugar plum fantasies.

Indoors is another thing. I love to match the colors of each room and play off that theme.  Each year, I try to add a different touch, change it up a bit.  Below for example, I added white wreaths to my kitchen decor to match the white tree.  Normally, I have my pink and white village houses under my tree, but this year I placed them in the center of my wreaths and they look beautiful.  They look like they are nestled within a snowy forest.  I also added untraditional pink roses to the mix. They look beautiful and I think I will hit them with snowy white "flocking" spray.

Always Thinking Outside The Box,


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