Friday, February 7, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's: Hot Tea & Coffee Station

Setting up a hot tea and coffee station for this bridal shower was terrific fun!  After coming across Tiffany blue table linens for this shower, it made the rest seem easy.  First, I set up a small folding table that I purchased at Target.  Next, I went to Michael's craft store, where I know they sell posters of iconic people.  It was there I found this huge poster of Audrey Hepburn, I mean, Holly Golightly with a "POPPING" pink background along with the simple plastic frame.  It served as the backdrop for my hot beverage station and was THE perfect touch.  I had the most fun testing my balancing skills when I decided to stack my white coffee mugs in a pyramid.  Just when I thought it would all come crashing down, it ended up being the layer the table needed.

The next layer of height were faux cigarette holders, just like the one Holly used in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Instead of real cigarettes, I found bubblegum wrapped cigarettes.  These made for a lot of laughs and Kodak moments.
A sweet smoke never hurt anyone!

I then added the next layer in height: fresh hydrangeas from my garden in a  reflective, antique mirror-like, mercury glass vase.  Beneath it was a round mirror charger which I also bought at Michael's Craft Store.
At the foot of the vase, I placed a Tiffany jewelry bag filled with faux diamonds and pearls spilling out onto the mirror base.
Both a whimsical and elegant touch

I couldn't leave out a silver tea and coffee set with coordinating blue sugar swirling sticks. the silver with the blue was simply scrumptious.
Splashes of color are the touches that dictate the mood of the party!
The coffee mug pyramid was created on top of a vintage staffordshore platter.  I placed a blue "bar mop" along the platters edge and placed a faux diamond engagement napkin ring on top.
It's those simple touches that steal the show.
Little plastic silver revere bowls which I purchased in bulk at B&J Wholesale in the NYC flower market made perfect sugar bowls.

Attention to detail comes from possessing the "know-how" to tempt all of the senses.  What do I mean?  Allow your five senses to dictate the order of planning your event.  That's the personal checklist in my head.  I leave nothing out when I ask myself if I covered the following list:

Taste - food & beverages
Sight - visual appeal
Sound - choreographed music
Smell - fragrance and flowers
Touch - layers of texture

I hope your next event is a great success.  Remember to share your stories with my followers in the comments and send pictures of your parties that were inspired through my blog and I will be sure to share them with my curious readers.

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Here's to know-how,

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