Sunday, January 12, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's: Using Tulle as an Accessory Jewel

Tulle is a soft net-like textile, which can be used for many reason.  It comes in different sizes, shapes, colors and serves many different purposes.  The type of tulle I used for this project, comes on a small roll, is very fine and long.  You can find it at a fabric store, but I picked mine up in the bridal section of my local craft store.

I used it to adorn things such as champagne flutes, chandeliers, candelabras

How to make the pom-pom tulle bows:

First, cut a small piece of tulle for the end process, to gather and tie your tulle together.  
Begin by making a loop approximately the width of your hand, leaving a nice length tail.    Make another loop in the opposite direction, and repeat over an over again, until you have approximately 10 loops per side.  If you are not coordinated enough to do this in your hand, place it on a table or flat surface.  Make your loops, going back and forth, and with either method, pinch the center tightly.

Pinching the center tautly together, with the other hand (or with help from someone else) wrap your reserved cut piece around the center of your bundle and tie it in a knot.

Begin opening up/spreading out each loop nice and wide.  Be sure every one is done, as this is what will give your pop-pom the poofy result.  Shape it by pulling them apart.

Attach floral wire to the back center tie on the bow, and attach wire to your chandelier, or whatever you are decorating that is hanging.  If you are using it on a present, use hot glue to secure it to the package.

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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