Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Less IS More

Now that the Academy Awards are over and the Oscars are beginning to collect their dust, let us reminisce on the best & worst dressed and what elements earned them their reputations.
There was a common theme for the evening, primarily in groups.  There was the RED group, the PURPLE group and the ever so popular BLUSH group. 

After all the criticism from press and style experts alike, due to previous years of distasteful and non Oscar-like attire, the majority of the RED CARPET walkers played it “safe” this year with the look of “simplistic elegance."  Viewers for the most part, witnessed classic gowns with simple lines, neatly drawn up-do’s, and minimal jewelry, Hence the old adage “less is more." In my opinion, these classic beauties were the evening’s true winners and most glamorous movie stars!


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