Thursday, December 11, 2014


Above: white artificial miniature white pine trees, jars filled with varying sized marshmallows and artificial snow made for the perfect countertop blizzard.

The most memorable Christmas' for me, were those that were white.    I can remember snow forts, snow angels, licking icicles, snowball fights, ice skating in my very own back yard and sledding to name just a few.  I also remember the eerie sound of the windows whistling, the frost that surrounded the window pane and counting snow flakes as they fell.  

Speaking of snow flakes, my mother used to sit us down with a cup of hot chocolate and whip cream
as we cut endless patterns of paper snowflakes, leaving little or no time for video games or boredom, she always had something creative up her sleeve.

We then would toast marshmallows and later in front of the tube while watching the Christmas classics, would string popcorn and cranberries.
Above: to create a natural looking snowfall with snow drifts, sprinkle your artificial snow from above jar level.
Those were the happiest childhood memories and it's no wonder why I capitalize on the season in my own home, in my own way, with my own children. 
On long roasting sticks which I purchased at my local grocer, I toasted marshmallows and placed them in a pine colored jar fireside.  You can keep these simply as decorative items or toast them to eat just before the children come in from the snow.

In my kitchen, I have recreated that magic on another level; a visually stimulating one.
Above: under cabinet lighting illuminated the snow, creating a lifelike effect.I love having the boys friends over, and they certainly hate to say goodbye.  I had fun with marshmallows this year which remind me of snowballs, as you can see and the boys had fun shaping snowflakes.  I LOVED this simple project and so will you.

Now let it snow in your own home!


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