Friday, June 27, 2014


Okay all you "GLAMINISTAS," as you already know, I predict trends both before and as they happening and this time, it's the gizmo we all have been dreaming of!  

How many times have you looked into the screen of your phone to check your lipstick or your hair or even your teeth, but struggled to get up close and personal? Well, that HD mirrored phone you have been dreaming of has finally arrived and not only does it show your reflection, but acts as a screen protector at the same time.  It's simple to apply and is thin and flat so that it fits with any phone case.  This is not the only product by glam screen but definitely one of my favorites.  

Another product I absolutely love is the selfie ring.  As a blogger, I am always photographing images, including my own. Often, I fumble to take the perfect "shot" and end up dropping my $600 iPhone.  I am on my third iPhone 5s and according to my husband, my last!  In general I'm clumsy when it comes to holding onto my phone, so not only do I like this gadget for a Selfie, but for the security of holding my phone in general.  Selfie Ring to the rescue!  Oh and remember what great gifts these make for birthday parties, favors, teachers' gifts, stocking stuffers and more!

Visit!shop/c1nev and enter the code JAMIE10 to receive 10% off!

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