Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Creating a winning floral arrangement for your Kentucky Derby-esque styled event is not as difficult as it seems.  All you need is an old trophy that you can find at any antique, junk shop or, where I found mine, Marshall's/Homegoods.  I needed 3 1/2 pieces of floral foam (for fresh flowers), 6 dozen red roses and some equestrienne-style ribbon.  But remember, you don't have to have a trophy as big as mine.  The best place to purchase roses inexpensively if you don't have access to a city floral market is at your local grocer.  This time of year, roses are priced very reasonably.  You will pay top dollar if you purchase them from a florist.

Here's How:

Soak your floral foam for at least 30 minutes in a sink or bucket of water.

Hot glue your ribbon anywhere around the trophy that looks good.

Remove soaked foam and transfer it to your faux or authentic trophy,
Decide the height you would like your roses by sizing up the scale of the arrangement or by cutting one for testing.
Cut the stems on an angle and slide them into your foam being careful not to break the stem.  An old tip and trick is to first poke your hole with a skewer so your flower stem doesn't get jammed up with foam, blocking the water from passing through to the flower.
Continue around but make your stems slightly longer for the top portion, for that added height and roundness and voilà, your arrangement is done.
If you can locate an old prize ribbon, it will make for the perfect touch, especially if it's blue against red..

Jamie Gottschall

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