Thursday, April 24, 2014


 Using nontraditional Easter colors to make your Easter basket pop!

Below:  hot glue a bird into a nest for theost beautiful spring inspired basket.
Below:  Wrap your handle with ribbon and glue your flower leaves to the handle so they appear to be climbing the basket handle.
Below: Add a glittery butterfly.  These are sold in craft stores.  This butterfly comes equipped with a clip on the back for easy attachment to your flowers.
Below:  Cut three ribbons in different sizes and complimentary colors.  Tie them around the base of your basket handle into a beautiful bow.  Time them as one NOT three desperate bows.
Below:  Add a sheet of non-traditional boxwood grass to the bottom of your basket, instead of loose and messy grass strands.  Your basket will look like a fresh springy botanical Easter wonderland in which your bunnies, chickies etc will live.
Below:  I mixed artificial peony, hydrangea ranunculus and their leaves to create this heavenly basket.

Above/Below:  Stick your leaves in after all of your flowers have been added for that finishing touch.

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