Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taking Your Valentine Wreath to the Next Level

Valentine's Day is soon approaching and hopefully you followed my simple instructions to make your very own Valentine wreath.  The holidays come and go so quickly and the wreaths on your door are ever evolving.  I love to keep my beautiful Christmas wreath up all winter long, as it looks cheery and beautiful.  It shows signs of life on the warm welcoming door in which it hangs.  When it comes to hanging a Valentine wreath, it can be uneventful. Why?  Well, usually a heart shaped wreath is quite small and can get lost on a door, making it appear chintzy.  The solution, take the wreath you just made or even a plain, red heart shaped wreath and add it as another layer to your already existing holiday wreath.  As people get bored with the seasonal decor, it begins to seem invisible.  It's simple to connect your new wreath to the already existing wreath by simply adding some floral wire to the back of your heart shaped wreath and then firmly attaching it to the center of your old holiday wreath.  It take seconds to do and as you can see by my photographs, makes a grand statement!



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