Sunday, December 8, 2013

Using Pinecones in Holiday Decor

Above: The pinecone tree in our foyer
Unsure what to do with those beautiful and abundant wood works of nature?  Well stop pining around!  There is no better time to use the pinecones you have collected over the years than at Christmastime.  Pinecones come in many shapes, sizes and varieties, all ready to be used in many ways.  For years, I used pinecones to adorn my Christmas trees, add dimension and beauty to my wreaths, garlands, and to spice up the dreamy scent of a fireplace on a cold winter night.  I even use them as part of my everyday decor, from my fireplace wood basket to simply dressing up the interior of my fireplace during the off seasons.  
Above/Below:  Oversized pinecones top a client's tree in the game room.  Here, I chose a "lumberjack in Vermont" theme.  The small pinecones below were collected from the client's property.
Red and white gingham ribbon is simply tied in a knot on random branches.
This tree has lanterns, skis, pinecone wreaths, bird nests, burlap Santas, and gold glitter balls to add some twinkle
Above:  A simple piece of gingham fabric skirts the tree.  I folded the raw edges under but hot glue makes a fine hem for this sort of project. No fuss!
Above:  Pinecones and grapevine balls make a great woodsy combo for this live door garland.  Add some fresh holly sprigs and faux Robins for a "pop" of color.
The top of this sled is embellished with raw super-sized pinecones, fresh greens from the yard and a plaid bow
Above/Below:  Pinecones are sprayed gold and silver to add to some table decor


On set with the Sunrise Team, WFMZ Channel 69 News. Here I demonstrated how to decorate a "winter wonderland tree".

On WFMZ, Channel 69 News, demonstrating tree trimming and pinecone spraying. Coating pinecones snowy white with "flocking spray". (Flocking is a process of spraying something to make it look snow covered)

Moravian Book Shop tree trimming demo using pinecones.
Holiday display at home with gift wrap toppers. 

As you can see, the ideas for pinecones are endless.  The large ones were purchased in the NYC flower market, but I have seen them locally at flower nurseries.  Otherwise, anywhere there's a pine tree, there are free pinecones.  Start gathering!

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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